Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear wifey - Flag that remind me

Dear Bunda,

In last few days so many Singapore flag is put in many places. Singapore birthday will come soon. August is the month when many countries celebrate it birthday. For most countries the birthdat is the date they declare their independence. For country whose never collonialize, their country birthday maybe taken from their king or queen birthday. Maybe.

August is a month where many countries celebrate it independence day. What I remember so far they are Singapore, India and of course Indonesia for sure. In Indonesia our independence day is celebrated in a unique way. It is celebrsted with so many funny contest.

I flashback to a moment when I psrticipated in some of that funny contest. Most likely that flashback will bring us to childhood time again. Back to AIP when I was living with patuo and matuo.

In that august I participate in so many contests. Eat kerupuk, race with our mouth hold spoon with marble in top of it, catching fish in small swimming pool, etc. I will share the story detail some time later. What I remembered again in that afternoon my friend called me several time in front of house. He asked me to came to stadion in compleks where the winner for the countest was announced. If I am not mistake I won a pen that time.

Do you know from where this email topic ha come? I am sitting on sofa in 2nd floor teletech park when my eye notice some flag that hooked in some places in front of building.

PS: I love you

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