Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear wifey - Music of My Life

Dear Bunda,

These will be the story of my music preference. I start listening music since long time ago. My favorite song when I was child, like the other children, is the children song. The one that I remember until now is Si Lumba-Lumba song of Bondan Prakoso. Right now I am watching again thanks for youtube and want rolling out the floor laughing. :D Btw I wonder how and where is Papa T. Bob now?

Let we leave the shame of that children song to another shame. When I moved to Junior High School, Malaysian band was in booming in Indonesia. That's why I buy Exist Album from my neighbour and fallin in love with Mencari Alasan song. At that time I also listened some of other Malaysian band, but I don't remember exactly the band name. After this, there was a trend at that time for song request and kirim salam in Radio. The first radio that I listened routinily was Radio Dakta. The have request show everyday about after lunch time. Usually the time after I reached home from school. Growing as a tenager, my music preference was moving from children song to Indonesian love song. There was a day when I first get know to Tak Kan Ada Cinta Yang Lain from Dewa 19 in Radio Dakta. Since that day I declare Tak Kan Ada Cinta Yang Lain except to Dewa 19. Oh ya, at the same I time I was also exposed to Stinky band (the former band of Andre Taulani) with their songs e.g Jangan Tutup Dirimu also Base Jam with their fenomenal song Bukan Pujangga. But I still prefer Dewa 19. At that Junior High School until High School I became hard fans of Dewa 19. I bought all of their album, bought their magazine and also sang and play guitar (although I cannot play guiter) for their song. Even I put their poster at my room wall.

At the time I moved to High School I got other exposure and influence of music. One of my friend bring one weird casette (mp3 player or cellphone with music player was not common yet at that time). There was a baby picture in casette cover. It was written there: Pablo Honey, Radiohead. Since that day I became Radiohead fans. Very big fans because I also immediately buy all of their album and magazine. I was growing up to better state in music preference. I was still listening Dewa (they drop 19 word) until sometime. Until I think Ahmad Dhani became to annoying. After that time I more focus with alternative band. I start to listened Prambors, Mustang FM and MTV Trax radio (I think MTV trax is not exist anymore). Sometime I also tuned in to iRadio, want of radio in Jakarta which only play Indonesian song only. In high school I also get some influence to some Indonesian indie band. The most I remember and still appreciate their song until now is Pure Saturday, this is band from Bandung and later I buy The Milo album, Indonesian band with very good song, interestingly, most of these band song are in English. Back to western music preference, after listen Radiohead, I also try to listen several other british band like Oasis and Coldplay. But still I love Radiohead much more.

Will continue the story in next email.

PS: I love you.

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