Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear wifey - Dream and Courage

Dear bunda,

I don't know what to talk for now. Yesterday I spent some time driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Don't be surprised, I drive in my laptop using my BMW. For that route I drive via national park. The scenary was very beautiful. Mountain in between the road. Clean river at our left. Sometime there will be waterfall either big or small. I became reminded to several pictures you've sent from several of your traveling. Mountain. Savana. Flowers. I always love natural scenary.

In Singapore there are not too many such scenary. We can see so many birds, parks and even flowers. But there is no real mountain, natural river and waterfal. We have to go to Malaysia or better to our neighbour country, Indonesia. Btw with all of this nature story remind me again at the first time Holly Kennedy met Gerry.

I don't remember the exact dialogues but more and less are like this.

"Hi, I am lost". Said Holly wet her colorful clothes. "Where are you want to go?" Ask Gerry. "National Park." "You are already in it now."

That national park also so beautiful. Hopefully there will be a time to go there sometime. To have a dream always need courage. To have big dream than we will need more courage. Sometime I am affraid to have too big dream because I am scare don't have enough courage. But you always give me any courage amount that I need. You are trully my angel.

PS: I love you

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