Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dear Wifey - Life Milestone

This letter draft has been written few days back and left uncomplete until just today.

Dear Wifey,

Software development project management has terminology called milestone. It is a guidelines for what the project need to complete in future time. The future in this context should be specific so that there is no such easy way to procrastinate. I believe this approach should be done in my life, and since my life consists you then lets we call it our life milestone.

In few days, if everything going well we will have a place called home (it should be read as rented home actually). I hope it will help us in planning what we would like to achieve in the times that will come. Several of those plans might be quite pragmatic, let start write the list what we expect to achieve within 1 year forward. Some of the list might be over optimist and unrealistic but under the sun everything is possible nothing impossible. Eventhough again my less ambition life and easy to give up habit will really need so much attention to make sure all of those milestone will be keep on track.

Having babies Going umrah Buy a house Buy a car Buy a motorbike Have plenty of saving include one urgent saving Have an investment in small business and in stock market (work for other will not make you rich) Settled in better career or find independent job (applied for both of us) Having another awesome world travel Write book (for me and I invite you as well) Let start with book about our awesome eurotrip Continue higher degree study (phd for wifey and master for hubby) and please add other things that I missed...

I have a blessing disguise that my current work nature is not too demanding. Its mean we should have plenty of time to arrange our future life in our spare time. The job is sometime fun but sometime less challenging. I have to more thankful by my stay in Nurman place and learn how he work extremely hard, going to office before 6am and arrive home sometime after 9pm. From there I learn that we should appreciate and use our spare time effectively and efficiently in achieving our dream.

Of course this comfort zone should not hold me forever. I wish we can advance in more challenging and fulfilling life again ahead. Move to US, Europe or Australia for example? Working at google, twitter or airbnb? Resume study in awesome school while have passive income from our side business. Or else just build and start our own awesome business from one peacefull comfort our own villa in outer skirt of Yogyakarta will be cool isn't it? Let just add more another awesome wildest dream that we can ever think. For now, I would like not just stop the dream to stay inside the list but want to bring those outside papers to be something true.

PS: I love you

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dear Wifey - Argopuro

Dear wifey,

Ini adalah edisi perdana dear wifey setelah hilang terbit selama 3 bulan dikarenakan editor utamanya terlalu sibuk menangani kelakuan-kelakuan absurd nan menggemaskan dari sang istri.

Kereta Logawa pun meninggalkan stasiun Jember beberapa menit lewat dari pukul 5.10 pagi. Matahari masih temaram bersembunyi di balik horizon dan mulai muncul pelan-pelan. Di kanan kiri banyak rumah penduduk dan sesekali persawahan, sungai dan jalan desa yang terlewati. Tapi yang paling mengesankan adalah sosok raksasa nan cantik yang puncaknya dikelilingi Awan berbalut cahaya orange Dari mentari yang terus menanjak. Kubuka peta di handphone ternyata namanya adalah Argopuro. Dari semua pemandangan itu tersadar diri bahwa betapa Maha Baik Allah memberikan begitu banyak rejeki, anugerah dan kenikmatan kepada kita. Betapa beruntungnya juga aku berkesempatan menikmati pemandangan itu karena mengenalmu.

Dear wifey, sejak beberapa hari ini sejak kembali dari Eropa rasanya hati ini tidak enak mengingat fakta bahwa kita masih harus berpisah lagi sementara waktu. Setelah hampir 2 tahun berpisah akhirnya kita diberi kesempatan berkumpul tak terpisahkan hampir selama 3 bulan terakhir. Tentunya dengan segala konflik yang sesekali terjadi dan yang mungkin sebagian besar dipicu oleh keegoisan aku. Terima kasih untuk kesabaranmu yang nyaris tak berbatas. Hari ini akhirnya aku harus kembali lagi merajut hidup untuk masa depan kita berdua kelak. Sayangnya harus melalui perpisahan sementara.

Dear wifey, jaga kesehatan selama sementara kita jauh. Tentu juga jaga shalat dan ibadah adalah yang terutama. Jangan berhenti belajar meski telah usai bersekolah. Dari sejak awal kenal hingga sekarang engkau selalu menjadi inspirasiku. Juga di saat yang bersamaan menjadi senyum dan gelak tawa berasal.

Insya Allah akan kutunggu dalam beberapa hari ke depan di bandara Changi Singapura untuk kita berdua merajut mimpi besar masa depan kita. Menggapai keluarga samara, sejahtera, bermanfaat dan penuh petualangan.

Salam rindu tak terputus dari lelaki yang masih terus harus belajar untuk menjadi suami yang baik bagi bidadarinya. Doa-doamu adalah pembentuk jalur ekspres dalam mewujudkan mimpi-mimpi kita.

PS: I love you

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dear wifey - Frankfurt I am in love

It has been almost 2 years we are mostly away. I still cannot believe that Insya Allah in several days from now we will meet in the blue continent. Like I have written sometime a go. PS: I love you, please wait me in the beautiful city of Frankfurt.

Sometime I pray a lot. Although sometime I stupidly arrogant for not praying. The great things are most of my pray is always answered. Some immediately, some with delay and some other with something better. As God promise that never missed. I got you as my wife is one example. I can work in Singapore with very sufficient income is another sample. I feel health, safe and comfort. How dumb I am if still cannot grateful for all those things? Luckily I am not dumb. I feel so much grateful and to be more grateful is one of continues pray that often I send to God.

However there are some pending prays. To have babies and to get PhD. Patiently and consistently I am walking slowly but sure to approach that wish. Thanks for you that keep reminding me to be more patient and just resigned after present our best effort for our wish. Let God decide what is the best outcome. Good in our perspective doesn't meet it is really good. Allah knows better than us.

Thank you for always being the greatest partner in my life. See you in Frankfurt in couple of days.

PS: I love you

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear wifey - The Hungry Human

Dear wifey,

It has been a few weeks again since my last dear wifey. At least it can show how easy to start something, however how it difficult to maintain commitment. I am so sorry I am still not good example of this.

Let start with how peaceful seeing you sleep. Open mouth cute like usual while Garu goggle his eyes in the background. So funny. In a few days Insya Allah I will be there to play with you. Might be when you sleep with that open mouth, I will slip in my tongue inside your lip and you will wake for a moment, push me back and sleep again.

In these few days I didn't do much things. I go to CGH everymorning. The work environment there is little bit strange. Our office located in helpdesk center. So that every minute some phone will rings. Not the best place to code peacefully. Luckily the assignment will end very soon. Most of the people there are pinnoy. I don't know why it is difficult to maintain good streotype to Phillipinos nowadays especially after some bad experience from bad attitude that silly flat mate couple. Even though actually I believe many pinnoy that must be also nice. Some of my colleague in office and even in CGH during last christmast party they invite me to enjoy some foods that they bring and order. Daily at last some hi also quite often coming from their mouth. Lesson learned, stop streotyping even though how stereotyping people seems so much true.

Moving to the next topic. In some last days I read trilogy of Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games. Little bit late because they hype was rising since 2008 but I just read right now. The story is more or less about game of hunger. In not exactly described dystopian future world are not same like now. Some undescribed disaster have changed our world. There is Panem one country in where North America was. Every year Panem held The Hunger Games, gathering one boy and one girl from every district in Panem chosen by lotery. The boys and girls have to kill each other in arena of Hunger Games. It seems sadistic and it is. However it still bring some moral message. First about killing each other itself. It has been true right now in the real form and in not obvious form. In Indonesia just see student fighting. Tawuran. They are seem not afraid to harm or even kill each other. In non obvious form let see about political drama in our country again. Some people will do anything to get position in goverment. Not to server people but more for their own advantage. Second the books (and the movie) remind us that our world is not owned by us. We have to inherite this to our next generation.

So those are some sharing this morning. I fell little bit sleepy again. Might be will have to sleep for 1 or 1.5 hours.

PS: I love you. See you in Frankfurt in couple of days.