Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dear wifey - Puppet Hijab Girl

Dear Bunda,

I just get back from bath room. I see you have been sleep so tight. The sleeping beauty.

I love your puppet show so much. I still remember, even though I was so sleepy, I laughed so hard yesterday morning. You always find a way to spreach cheerish around you. Most of time with unpredicted way. Like puppet using fingers represent hijab girl.

Since I was child I always adore with a girl who are using hijab. I adore them because their faith in obeying religion rule. At the beginning it seems that woman have to face stricker rule than a man in religion. Woman have to wear hijab, woman have to be this, have to be that, bla bla bla. But I disagree even from subjective view, I believe religion rule has been prepared with equally fair for both man and woman. For some woman just try to find justification to against the rule, especially about hijab. Most of them will say, I am still not prepared, I will cover my heart first with hijab later my body. Nonsense.

There is almost no timeslot to obeying the rule. When there is rule then we have to follow now, not later and not I will. Saying I will wear hijab when I am ready is similar with saying I will stop eat pork when I am ready as a muslim. Of course at inner level of human mind and human behaviour there will much more complexity about this attitude. Hopefully when we have daughters later we can teach them with very proper way about religion rule within their habit also make sure that they can be understand and not just be a follower.

Btw, it has been time for me to go to office. I cannot wait another episodes of your puppet hijab girl tomorrow.

PS: I love you.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear wifey - Dream and Vision

Dear Bunda,

Right now, while chewing jual banana (read: sale pisang) in my mouth and drink some ginger drink from you while listening latest episodes State of Trance I write this email.

I always love to talk about future dream. I like to imagine. I like to aim the target. I love the challenge. Speaking about future dream actually there are two types of people based on how they react to their dream. First is a dreamer. Obvious. The second one the most important is a visionary. Similar but not same (remember the clause of serupa tapi tak sama :p ).

A dreamer is a person who just live in his dream. Flying here and there like a junkies. He have many things to achieve in his list. Hist mind full of imagination about how is when the dream come true. But this type of person is lack of effort. Most of time, his dream is just a dream. Like a cloud in the sky. Visible but not tangible. Dreamer is a person who look forward but just looking without moving.

The second type is the best. Visionary is a person who look forward and start to move immediately. He have list of things to do and just do it. Visionary is never wait the perfect moment, he fetch the moment. When he want something he will start then talk. Not talking too much but never start.

By the way, this distinction is based my own analysis, so most likely you will not find elsewhere and this concept most likely will be not too valid :). By the way again, I share this concept just to make sure I am not too often to be a dreamer but more to be a visionary.

This story just come out after enjoying your morning talk about future. A family, children, a life, a car, a vision. Let's take that dream together while always holding hand each other. Thank you for always share your beautiful dream and vision.

PS: I love you

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dear wifey - Morning Story

Dear Bunda,

I am blessed to have you as my wife. People usually have one default feeling. Some oftenly behave negative. Some always positive and some just neutral. I think I exhibit neutral behaviour. Not happy and not unhappy as well in my default. I can be happy but sometime later I also can be gloomy.

But you are very different. You are always excited and cheerful. Always full of expression and spirit. Like this morning, when I wake up, you immediately share an anermous dtory with full of excitement. I was so enjoying that. You spoke not just use your voice. You used all of your body and heart.

Later when we have children for sure all of them must be as cheerful anf expressive as you. Not just neutral like me. Have a good day for today honey. Enjoy your free time without lecture this week but keep studying.

PS: I love you

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear wifey - Bajaj Driver

Dear Bunda,

India quite similar with Indonesia in term of transportation system. Although recently they start to develop a lot of new modern public transport system like MRT but most of existing option will be tradional. One of the example is Bajaj the very familiar three wheel passenger vechicle.

This is one of the story of arogant bajaj driver. Seems to be arogant until we can see more what is inside him. One day he drive his bajaj around corner of Bangalore. Finaly he got one passanger. The passanger want to be drop off in another corner of the city. After negotiating the price the made an aggrement. The bajaj is taking off. Along the way both of them talk something for a while. Sometime both of them also just silent.

India similar to Indonesia, specially Jakarta in the traffic. Trafic jam, a lot of impatient and undiscipline driver also horning everywhere and everytime. Noisy and hot. In redlight there are many unusual people as well. Variety of seller and sometime beggar. One beggar approaching our bajaj to the passenger deck asking some money for food. Without taking too much time the passenger give some money. Then the beggar ask money again to bajaj driver while holding his hand up. The bajaj driver ward the beggar hand as a sign he don't want to give any. "Go!" Said the bajaj driver. But the beggar start to annoying and force keep asking. "Go!" Bajaj driver again.

The passenger then remind the driver "Hei don't be like that. Have a manner. Give some money will not make you poor".

Finally green light so the bajaj move again. "He looks so healthy and complete, he supposed to work not just begging money." Finally the driver speak again after sometime of silent.

The bajaj arrive at destination and the passenger get down. Once more the passenger speak something "You supposed to respect beggar. They just unlucky people. Don't be so that stingy." The driver doesn't respond anything and just move a way.

Sometime later, the driver after driving his bajaj around the town and drop off some another passenger he stop in one of small foodstall for lunch. He turn off the engine and open his front door. His left leg is getting outside from the cabin. Then a walker stick comes later. There is no right leg. Empty only up to his thigh. He then walking slowly helped by his walker stick to the food stall. Taking rest a while after whole day hard work.


Dear bunda, the story can be interpreted as we want. Little bit similar like yesterday story. The most important thing is never judge to early. Respect should be we more put to hard worker rather than a person who just not work.

PS: I love you

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear wifey - The Dog

Dear Bunda,

There is a story about a boy who get a dog as gift. But the dog only have 3 legs. The boy hate the dog and is angry to his mom who give it. The mom only smile and talk softly "it is special dog honey. Later you will like it".

While grumbling "yes special. With three leg only" said the boy leaving his mom, but calmer now.

Inside the boy's room, the dog try to impress its new owner by bringing ball and ask to play with while barking softly. "Auf auf...".

The boy while sitting in front of his computer, ignore the dog. "Leave me alone don't bother me." Silent. "You cannot catching ball with only three legs."

The dog keep insisting with so cheerful expression. If it is a human he must be smile very sweet.

To make the dog stop bothering him, the boy take the ball and throw outside the room. The dog immediately looks so happy, can be seen from its shaking tail. "Go catch the ball!" said the boy. The dog start to run. Buy only after few steps it fall in its face because it seems so difficult to run only with three legs. But the dog try to stand again. Still cheer-full. Few more steps and fall again. The boy then feel so guilty. "Hey you stop!". He approach the dog which fall again and again. But the dog seen always happy. Shaking tail, bright eyes and a kind of smile face even with only three legs. "Why you seems always happy?" The boy ask while caring the dog in its head. "You cannot run like that." The boy continue to talk.

"Auf auf." The dog respond with happy bark. It still want to play.

"Ok lets go play ball outside. But just catch the ball slowly, don't fall." Said the boy smile now.

Both of them then walking outside the room. A dog with three legs and his master, a boy who only has one leg.


Have you feel great-full today? If not, please do so. Even with all challenges in our life, we are blessed with a minimum complete physically.

PS: I love you

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dear wifey - Sentimental Rain

Dear Bunda,

I don't have interest yet to meteorology or climatology. But climate -- one of theme researched in those mentioned science, is always affecting our daily life. One inforrmel signal of season change in tropical country Indonesia can be derived by it's naming. When the naming of the month is end with "ber" like September, October and November, rain season has come.

I often write, rain often bring sentimental feeling. Asphalt is wet, the air is humid and the temperature is cold. Singapore has been poured by rain again almost everyday since last week. But at least in here there will be not to many negative side effect of rain. As far as now there is no flood or even puddle and without any significan reason usually no traffic jam.

Sometime my memory is thrown back to previous one year in my life. That was when I was still in Jakarta. When I was working, rush hour come to office and going home from office will be literally rush and hectic. In normal condition all the vehicle will be stuck in that rush hour. For the driver it will stressful. For the public transport passenger, it will be boring time to home. The situation will be worst when the rain come. Even for very short rain, congestion will be increased significantly. Travel time can be doubled. When I was in university, I remember a moment when some of my friend spent 5 hours to home, because of the rush hour after rain.

Without elaborating to much, on of the main reason of the traffic congestion is overload road capacity. When rain come the congestion become so significant higher because there will be a lot of bottleneck happen on the road. First bottleneck is careless motorist who take shelter in the middle of the road (usually below flyover or bridge) and disturb traffic flow. Second because vehichels have to queue for passing some small to large puddle.

But that was a memory. Rain or not rain in Singapore the road traffic will be usually same. I just often enjoy sentimental moment in the bus ride to home. Rain is sweet and scary. Sweet because the cold that it brings can make us calm and scary because heavy rain usually brings black cloud with a lot of thunder. In Singapore we just need to wait for the last month with "ber" ending passed to leave this sentimental season. Hopefully can meet another rain season in next year.

PS: I love you

PS: After sending this I hope you also don't mind if this email will be published in my blog as well. :D But I send to you first. ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear wifey - The Power of Impulse Control

Dear Bunda,

In Emotional Intelegence, one famous book of Daniel Goleman, has emphasized the importance of delayed gratification. This concept is introduced through Marshmallow Experiment conducted by Walter Mischel at Standford University. In that experiment, some children is offered a marshmallow. If the kid can resist not to eat that immediately and wait another 15 minutes he can get one more marshmallow. But for the kid who cannot resist temptation and eat the first marsmallow before 15 minutes then he cannot get second marsmallow.

Some years later, researcher follows progress of the children at adolescence time. Researcher sees "the delayers" -- the child who can wait is somehow more successful rather than "the grabber" -- the child who took gratification directly. The delayers have more impulse control than the grabbers.

Impulse control is an important component of Emotional Intelegence. Impulse control is so easy in concept but need strong commitment in practice. Impulse control is element that distunguish between success people and not too success. Also distinguish honest authority vs corupt authority. Corruption is one habit which a person cannot stand against immediate gratification.

The common sample of impulse control can be found in morning wake up. When we don't have anything to do e.g. In weekend we usually will add sleep time more than necesary even though maybe we also not totally sleep but just lying lazy on the bed. We enjoy to take more sleep rather than wake up directly to do more useful things. In other day when we have an important things todo like going to work or school in the morning we can wake up easier or at least we can push ourself to wake up from the bed. From this sample we can conclude that brain actually have full capacity in controlling how we react again immediate gratification. We just need to train ourself harder to stand against immediate gratification. You can read how we can train ourself in The Power of Practice post.

Hopefully next time when someone offers a marshamallow we can little bit patient and wait hopefully he will give another marshmallow. ;)

PS: I love you Bunda I am sorry I am still in the state of trance in writing. I still using blogging style in this letter. Hopefully you don't mind if I post this writing to my blog as well. :D

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Wifey - Little Angel

Dear Bunda,

Sometime we feel like can fly to the sky. Sometime we feel like don't have any energy to stand up. Human heart and mind is not mechanical. It is continuosly changes. Fly to outspace straightly if you feel want to fly. Never let you down when you can't stand up. Try to stand on your feet slowly. Maybe difficult but at the end perhaps you will realize that even you can run.

Those words just came to my mind when I went outside my apartment this morning. At the same time I had a vision about you. Suddenly I remember the day when you picked me up at hospital using long blue dress. Even though you always try to act silly, you cannot deny yourself that you are always georgeous. Especially when you are wearing a long dress. I still remember that along the way home thay day you made me laugh all time with your funny and cute act. But still you are always georgeous for me.

Other suits of you that I love so much is your red long skirt. You look awesome with that. When we were leaving bukittinggi you wear that skirt. We were taking several silly photo. Like the one you put your finger inside your nose. Silly, funny and still georgeous at the same time.

Dear wifey I just want to say I am so lucky to have wonderful wife like you. You are trully my love and my angel.

One closing story about angel. A son approaching his mom and start to speak. "You always call my little brother as little angel, right?".

"Yes my dear he is." Answer the mom while she still quite busy cleaning something.

"Then if he is my mom little angel, we he cannot fly when I threw him from balcony." The son continue while walking away.

Mom: "What!!!???"

PS: I love you

Dear wifey - Taken

Dear Bunda,

Seeing you sleep so peacefully make me feel miss you so much. You are trully an angel for me. With enermous patient and care. Sometime I often shy still haven't as care as you. But believe me, inside here in my heart I always care and love you. I will do anything for you.

I remember you throw me a hard question at the moment before we got married. More or less you had asked, "How long you will go, to get me back if I taken from you?" You asked to me at that time. It was one hard question. I want to answer correctly without being too bullshit. I don't like word and rhetorical playing. Just talking so much but not represent a truly of us. I prefer to be judged from what I am doing not just from what I am saying. I forgot what was my answer that time. But in silence I want to answer, I will do anything for you.

Seeing you sleep is like seeing our future. Seeing how will our children looks like. Obviously like her sweet mother. Seeing about my dream to have a proper and honored life. Happy inside out. Life with contribution to other as well. I don't know the exact form of that contribution yet.

Anyway, this is maybe just a short email. I just want to say from the deepest of my heart that I always love you. "How long you will go, to get me back if I taken from you?" I will answer, I will never let you taken from me.

PS: I love you

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dear wifey - Iqra

Dear Bunda,

This mail have been written since yesterday. But I just sent today, to fulfill quality control criteria. ;)

I always curious about knowledge and sophisticated things. You must be have known since I was children I was so interesting with outer space exploration. I wanted to be an astronaut at that time. The curiousness is always here with me.

At high school we were teach Calculus. Like I always fascinating with sophisticated things, I was also so fall in love with Calculus. Yes it is so sophisticated. Most of my friend was complaining, "this study is useless!" they said. "We will never use ridiculous thing like this in real life. Then why we supposed to learn" They continue to complain. Indeed, if real life that they mean is just ordinary job or just selling something in traditional market they will never need Calculus. But for the things beyond that we will always need even more than that. Creating spaceship rocket or build super computer for example.

Recently I am interesting with an emerging branch in science that we call as Complexity Science. As its name implied, this science study about complex things. Such as modeling economic behavior into computer simulation, understanding human connection through internet and even understanding about ant behavior. This study also emerge just recently because current capability in information technology which make more possible to do most of calculation and simulation when needed.

Close from that there are also similar discipline that is called system engineering. This field usually study something so big and complex like developing a airplane or high scraper building. From all those invention I arrive in one realization, "How come human can invent so that great thing?" We often riding an airplane, but most of us will not bother about how it work and why it can fly. Same like not too many people take much concern about how their laptop can be functioned. I am not. I always curious even though realize to arrive to that full understanding I will need so many fundamental knowledge, when I think even I only have understanding of basic calculus. Anyway, we need more than calculus, to invent most greatest invention of this century.

Yesterday, while doing nothing I spent sometime to read an article about Concorde airplane. I knew this sophisticated airplane since long time a go. I triggered to read that again after reading first chapter of Jeremy Clarkson book. Clarkson is a host of Top Gear in BBC a automotive review show. He is machine expert. Back to Concorde, for sure this plane is one of other human greatest invention. We call it as supersonic jet. Supersonic because it can fly faster than sound (sonic). About 2 times of sound speed. Sound speed is around 1.235 Km/Hour. But the plane have to retired, because likely human not only need something sophisticated but also there are still so many things need concern, like environment and economical efficiency. Like other things, I was so astonished by how come human can invent this jet. What kind of knowledge that they have?

Like usual hopefully this "love mail" will not make you confuse. I just want to share about my big interest about how our world and all the things inside it is working. Start from interest we supposed to do a shallow discover and then deep discovery. From discovery then we continue to looking problem. From that then we move to offer a solution. This is a cycle of research which most academical people do. Basically, knowledge can make people closer to God. Because finally we have to admit that we cannot understanding so many things. But at least we can learn as many as we want. We cannot read all the things but we can spare sometime and read some good things and share. In religion we are teach with one so fundamental concept. Iqra.

PS: I love you

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear wifey - Live in harmony

Dear Bunda,

Ada satu firman Allah yang selalu aku ingat yaitu mengenai alasan Allah menjadikan manusia bersuku-suku dan berbangsa-bangsa tak lain untuk tujuan saling mengenal. Multikulturalisme dan keragaman fisiologis manusia itu terkadang aku membuat heran. Bagaimana mungkin semua manusia yang satu nenek moyang Nabi Adam (setidaknya yang diyakini oleh penganut agama samawi) bisa berkembang dengan demikian berbeda-bedanya. Beda fisik, beda ras, beda bahasa, beda budaya, beda kebiasaan dan beda-beda yang lain.

Keragaman menjadi semakin terasa saat kita menjadi minoritas. Beberapa hari ini di Singapura sedang heboh berita tentang statement rasist di sosial media yang dikeluarkan oleh seorang asisten direktur sebuah badan yang punya afiliasi dengan pemerintah. Tak pelak kelalaian tersebut langsung ditanggapi dengan sangat keras berupa pemecatan. Pemecatan yang berbuah dari sebuah posting facebook. Bahkan perdana menteri Singapura pun sampai mengeluarkan pernyataan juga. Kurang lebih, sekarang di sini banyak orang yang mendengungkan mengenai no tolerance for any statement that bother life harmony.

Life in harmony adalah sebuah eksklusifitas yang dengan beruntung bisa kita dapat. Berbeda dengan beberapa saudara kita yang menyedihkannya hidup di negara Islam yang tengah konflik. Sebut saja Palestina, Libya atau Irak. Tadi pagi bahkan di BBC memuat artikel tentang seorang gadis muslim pakistan yang ditembak di kepala oleh taliban hanya karena menyuarakan pentingnya pendidikan bagi wanita. Ia baru berusia 14 tahun. Tentu saja pelakunya pasti adalah oknum yang biadab. Demikian juga dengan banyak konflik di negara Islam lain pun bukan tak mungkin adalah buah propaganda dari orang-orang yang tidak suka Islam dengan memanfaatkan oknum pemimpin Islam rakus yang haus kekuasaan.

Inti yang sebenarnya ingin aku angkat di sini adalah bagaimana kita yang minoritas sebagai muslim bisa membangun keunggulan terhadap mayoritas non muslim. Topik yang agak berat mungkin untuk sebuah email cinta. Keunggulan di sini bukan harus dalam artian menguasai dunia. Tapi bisa unggul misalnya dalam kekayaan ilmu dan unggul dalam memelihara sikap dan perilaku yang baik. Setiap manusia itu adalah agen dari setiap atribut yang ia bawa. Jika ia muslim maka ia adalah agen Islam. Jangan sampai karena perilaku yang tidak baik orang akan sekejap mencap muslim dengan tidak baik juga. Misalnya, aku masih suka heran dengan Indonesia. Mayoritas muslim tapi perokoknya banyak. Mayoritas muslim tapi sendal saja bisa hilang di mesjid. Aku juga tak mau muslim dicap tidak disiplin, padahal sudah dilatih disiplin 5 kali sehari.

Dari semua hal kurang baik yang cukup besar tersebut ada satu langkah yang bisa kita lakukan. Kita sebaik mungkin menjadi agen Islam yang positif. Apalagi sekarang kita ada di posisi yang strategis sebagai minoritas. Kita harus selalu berusaha untuk membawa pesan positif dari atribut yang kita bawa. Kita harus terbiasa membuat orang lain melihat orang Islam itu disiplin, pekerja keras, cerdas, toleran, berpikiran terbuka namun tetap berpegang pada prinsip dasar. Jika sudah melakukan hal tersebut secara minor saja maka kita sudah bertransformasi dari sekedar penganut namun juga bisa sedikit berdakwah. Setidaknya dalam tataran mencontohkan perilaku. Aku sadar aku masih jauh dari relijius. Namun aku selalu sadar pentingnya Islam dalam kehidupan dunia dan akhirat.

Di akhir email ini aku tutup dengan sebuah cerita. Di London ada seorang imigran muslim yang menjadi supir bus. Di satu hari setelah seorang penumpang rutin membayar ongkosnya. Si penumpang naik dari satu halte dan turun di halte dekat sebuah mesjid setiap harinya dan selalu bertemu supir bis yang sama. Si penumpang ini adalah pria tua Inggris tulen. Namun di hari itu si supir muslim ini kurang membeli kembalian 10 sen. Ia baru sadar setelah si penumpang itu duduk di bangku belakang. Dalam hati si supir ini berkecamuk. Haruskah aku kembalikan uang 10 sen ini? Ataukah biar saja toh hanya 10 sen si penumpang itu pun belum tentu sadar. Lagi pula si penumpang itu adalah orang kafir. Akhirnya dia bulatkan tekad untuk tak mengembalikan uang 10 sen tersebut. Tak lama bus mendekati halte tempat si pria Inggris itu biasa turun. Si pria Inggris itu bersiap turun. Bus berhenti dan pintu bus terbuka. Tiba-tiba si supir bus itu memanggil si pria Inggris. "Tuan, anda masih punya sisa kembalian di saya." Ucap si supir bus sambil memberikan 10 sen. Ternyata di detik terakhir si supir bus berubah pikiran. Meski si kafir itu tak tahu tapi Allah pasti tahu. Akhirnya ia berubah pikiran untuk mengembalikam 10 sen tersebut.

"Bagus." Ujar si pria Inggris. "Saya menguji anda. Sejak beberapa minggu ini saya tertarik dengan Islam. Saya mendapat informasi bahwa di daerah ini anda adalah salah satu muslim yang sangat taat. Saya sengaja memberikan ongkos lebih untuk tahu bagaimana nilai-nilai Islam yang anda anut. Anda telah meyakinkan saya untuk masuk Islam". Seketika si supir bus merasa hampa sambil beristighfar bahwa ia sempat hampir membuat persepsi buruk.

Dear bunda, semoga sedikit celoteh dalam email ini dapat menggantikan beberapa email yang absen kemarin.

PS: I love you

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dear wifey - Science and Social Science

Dear Bunda,

Since long time ago I always love science. I falling in love in Maths and Physics since I was in Junior high school. I did many problem solving in Maths and Physics in my spare time. Usually I will fill up my Student Worksheet (Lembar Kerja Siswa, LKS), a special book that consist many problems to solve. At that time internet have not been so common like now and video games was not sophisticated as now, so I didn't have too much distraction that time.

I have one important reason in choosing science as my preference. I don't like memorizing and reading boring article. In maths and physics most of the text is a number or logical article that is not boring to read. The other interesting aspect is every problem have an exact answer. We didn't face ambiguity when solving number problem. If the answer is 7 and its mean 7. If the answer 10 then its mean 10. No need to argue, no need to write Long rhetorical statement in essay question. Interstingly again, I feel not annoyed if I have to write long answer in math or physics essay question. Usually in essay we have to expand formula and calculation. I always love that

But of course thats all was past time. I fully understand both science and social science are important. Even for now I forgot almost all the thing relste to maths and physics. It has been some time since last time I was interacting with. Need sometime to refresh those informations. Recently I start to interest social science as well. I start to curious about business, pshycology, management, economy, public speaking and so many things. Maybe you could teach me something about PR later ;). Ok the bus almost reaching my destination. Let's talk again later. Have a great day sweetheart.

PS: I love you

Dear wifey - Passion

Dear Bunda,

Like my status last Saturday I plan to do nothing this weekend. :p But anyway actually I did some little things. I was going to library to lend some more books. I went to cinema watching a movie today and stop by for a moment in Kinokuniya. From yesterday and today I also read some little things. Some part of book, some article in Entrepreneur magazine and also Harvard Business Review. I know inside of you will yell to me "Just do it!". I am doing it honey (whateve it means). :D.

This two days, I was gathering again my realization of being up to date person. In this competitive world, being not up to date will make us left behind. Either in sense of materiality like financial things and also in sense of fulfilment and happinest. That's why we supposed to keep maintaining the spirit of never bored to learn and improve. Always read something interesting, taking nice course and get useful certification for example.

I still cannot depicted detailly where I'll be and how I'll look exactly (in term of achievement) couple of months from now in future. But I fully understood that we have to be more settle in many ways. Especially in financial capability. I want to have proper career, either work in decent company or work independently as an expert consultant. For that, I want to find my real exact passion and specialization. I believe that real interest is not too far from where I am standing right now. I just need more deep knowledge and understanding. That's why I always interest to take master degree or to get some certification. In IT industry, sometime certification is more valued than master degree.

Without being too technical, I have several specific interests. First is Information Security. Second is Data Scientist. Thirds is System Engineering. I think my real passion is somewhere around that. I will elaborate those sometime, hopefully will not make you fall sleep. Don't know why I just feel so excited recently. Very excited.

How about your passion? :)

PS: I love you

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear wifey - Live in another continent

Dear Bunda,

I forgot to ask you yesterday. If you passed Singapore area last evening, please wave your hand to me. Maybe I can wave you back.

Until now I still amaze about how it looks there in Europe. My first interest to that continent, like maybe you have known, was triggered by Edensor novel by Andrea Hirata. Since that time I want to study in Europe one time later. I always wonder how it feels to see blonde people in their own habitat. In Singapore I often encounter with blonde people as well, but in here their eyes are tiny. :p

Baby I don't know how it feels to live separate again from you. It must be feels not good. Wherever you are wherever I am, I will always love you and miss you. I love you, you love me, we are happy family.

I will try to write more proper mail later. For now I am waiting you in my tiny empty room to have another skype session again with you when you arrive in another continent.

PS: I love you

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dear Wifey - Sweet Farewell

Dear Bunda,

I still remember the first dear wifey letter that I wrote the day after the first time you left on 24 March 2012. That day was so hollow for me. Everything feel so empty and lonely. And start today maybe I will fell the same way again.

Dear I am so sorry cannot accompany you before your flight. I feel so sad actually. Until yesterday morning I was still expecting can hug and kiss you one more time before you left. I miss the smell of you and I miss when my skin touch your soft skin. But at the end this morning I still in Singapore and aproaching you this evening is not visible for now. I just wish you to have safe trip.

Dear if everything go smooth, my contract will be end May 2013. Still long time is it. But after trying to stay away from you for more than 4 months I hope both of us will strong enough to live separately at this moment. So the soonest visible time to see you again will be after that May. Hopefully we can have matching free time and derping around interesting place there. Hopefuly we will have enough saving at that time that we can spent without bothering other important thing like buy our new house. For now I don't have any interest to buy that cute thing like XBOX :D, at least until we have our own place to play that XBOX.

At the end of this year some scholarship result will be announced as well. I don't want to have over expectation and just want to let it flow, all is well. :). Btw I think I arrive at the moment of immune against failure. Failure is good teacher and lesson learned. I will hope for not failing. But eventhough it does, there are so many trials that I can do more.

I believe in between this long time, there will some surprising sweet scenario that will happen. I don't know what I don't know when exactly. I just believe. I am sorry one more time if I don't treat you properly when you were in Singapore. I am so sorry if I ever have some behaviours, words, or statements that make you uncomfortable, honey.

Now I am staring an empty single bed in front of me. It was someone there, a sweet girl with cute cheek sleeping there so peacefully. I can't wait to see that beautiful girl again.

PS: I love you

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear wifey - Take Care

Dear Bunda,

Finally the day has come. So sad, even I cannot accompany u to Changi. ;( Have a safe trip dear. Till we meet again as soon as possible.

Sometime I cannot strong enough to know or realize exactly when that "soon" will be come. Next month? three month? Half year? Or another september? Don't know. Actually at the first time you left, I prepare myself for not see you for 2 years. But Allah is so kind to give us a chance to meet with plenty of time, at least until this morning. I hope we can get another surprise to be met in very near time. "soon" is my favorite word now.

Dear baby, like usual I really want to drop a tear this morning when you left the hospital with the cab. I need more more time to hug you and enjoy warm of your body like we often did in weekend. But it is never enough.

Dear baby, have a safe trip and happy studying again. You always be my inspiration. I want to be like you too. Get to study again very soon and stay together with you without any break anymore.

PS: I love you