Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dear wifey - Photographer Wannabe

Dear Bunda,

It has been a while since I always want to be a photographer wannabe. When I was child camera is something expensive that I couldn't imagine how to afford it. More than that, before digital era indeed photography was something that very expensive and cumbersome. Thankfully when digital era comes, photography is more accessible.

It was 2003 when I was a freshman in my campus. As a new student we are encouraged to join an extracullicular activity. From so many options I was so attracted to photography club. That amazing feeling I think continue from a wonder feeling since I was childhood about taking picture. Pelase remember in 2003, even there were still no affordable mobile phone with camera. Even if there is one that mobile phone will be damn expensive.

So at that time I decided to join that club. New member that want to join an extracullicular activity have to pass through inauguration process. For some club the meaning of inaugenarition is got bullying by senior. The photography club is one of the club that is famous for extreme bullying in inauguration. But however I just decide to join.

Before inauguration day we are participating with some photo rally. We were visiting kota tua at that time. We are divided into groups which every group is lended with one SLR camera. Please note, we were using SLR and not DSLR. Whe spent some hour in kota tua to took same picture which later will be exhibited in campus.

Some day after that the inauguration is coming. The venue was in Cipanas. All of us went there using military truck. The event was so heavy. We are fully get bullyed by senior. Like have stay in very cold swam in the midnight. Swimming through cold river. Etc.

Btw I just join the club for some months because I just find that I cannot match with other member culture and behaviour (mostly they came from art department which sometime little bit have weird behaviour). But still I always interest with photography. Since most of my interest relate to left brain activity, I always thing photograpy will be a good balance.

PS: I love you

Dear wifey - Infobessity

Dear Bunda,

Fortunately (or unfortunately) we are living in amazing era. The era where information is never as accessible as now. Where we can reach almost any information artifact from every human history only by a few clicks. We are living in information overload era. Some unlucky people can have infobesity problem. Overwhelmed and sinked because too much information to consume.

Actually those random thoughts were coming sometime ago when I plan to prepare it for a toastmaster speech. But considering that topic is so heavy I postponed it and plan for another more well prepared speech. That thought is coming because I myself is overwhelmed with so many information that I would like to consume. I always love exploration either physically or even mind exploration. In my highschool, I had a privilledge to lend a special book that was not lended to another student. Beside main book area accessible to all student, our library also had some special room where a latest book (mostly university text book). Since I was coming there quite often the librarian gave me access to lend any book that I want from that special section. I remember I lend College Physic book by Sears and Zemansky. Btw I was exaggerating about special privilledge I mentioned earlier. There is no special priviledge but the other student usually just don't care too much about book.

Back to the main topic again. In this time one of most important skill that is important to have is filtering information. The amount of information that exist right now cannot be consumed all even for the whole of our life. The first step of information filtering is to find most usable area of our interest, either in personal interest or professional interest. Personal interest example will be our hobby and professional interest will be information that we will need for our work, for my cose will be something relate to coding related. The second step after filtering area is filtering information within that area. This can be done for example by subscribe rss to our favorite information source or browse to the library website to read summary of the book that we interest to read. We will never can read whole the things. That's why we have to skim quickly to most relevan part of information source. Of course the case will be different when we are reading litarature. We have to appreaciate every word from a literature text.

The important of information filtering ability is so significant. Because it will determine how competitive we are in this world. Btw I have to admit this today's letter is little bit confusing but I want to resist my willing for not to send this letter. I try to write better story on the next love mail.

PS: I love you

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear wifey - Three Girls in death sentence

Dear Bunda,

I just want to share a light story this morning.

Three girls got a death sentence for performing a criminal act. They will executed by group of sniper this morning.

Now the first girl is prepared. The judge ask her a last wish. The girl think for a moment then suddenly shouting so hard "EARTHQUAKE!!!". Everyone got panic and using that chance the girl escape before being executed. The judge so angry.

The second girl now have turn. Although still angry the judge ask the same question like to previous girl. The girl looks calm and suddenly she scream. "LOOK, TORNADOO!!!". Again all the people include the sniper group get intimidated and panic. This second girl take the chance to escape and successful.

The emotion of the judge is gettimg highest. The third but unlucky girl brought to the stage. Following the rule, the judge still have to ask last wishes of the girl before getting shot to the dead. The girl look so anxious and clumsy. Try to make surprise and hoping get some chances to escapr she scream. "FIRE!!!!!".

Hehe. Hopefully you understand the joke ;).

PS: I love u

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dear wifey - Riding on the rain

Dear Bunda,

This letter has been written since Fridaybor Thursday ago. I just finished it now. So double love mail 4 today. :)

This Singapore morning is welcomed by rain. So wonderful wheather for full spirit of work. Anyway full spirit person never put his spirit depend on something Include wheather.

I always love to talk about rain. Rain always be my only reason to buy descent vehicles to protect my family. A nice large family car maybe to accompany a nice sporty sedan in our garage and a 1200 cc motorbike for out touring like Honda VFR :).

I often riding the bike when raining. Maybe that is not the sweetest things that people love to do. But it is great. Of course you have to do that in full gear protection. A good leather jacket, set of raining coat and a cool helmet.

I always cannot stop sharing about thr enjoymeny of riding bike. But not all the time. When so tired with the worst city traffic and hot weather riding become something not enjoyable at all. Riding is great outside city when the flow of traffic is so smooth and you can push to gas throttle for more than 100 km/h while surrounded with beautiful natural scenary. Sometime I don't mind if it is raining in that situation.

Btw let share another bike story on another love mail.

PS: I love you

Dear Wifey - Angel who waking me up every day

Dear Bunda,

This morning I just want to say thank you. Thank you 4 what? For so many enermous things you have done for me. I cannot count all the sweetest treatment I got from you.

One of the most prominent example is you always with full of patient waking me up every morning. Without you I will wake late often. But you always stay up late just to make sure I can wake up and pray on time. Just your words, I want to do anything I can for you.

This morning sun shining so bright. So do my heart although physically not in 100percent vit condition. I want to be always sun in your heart also. Give a sweet light and warm there.

PS: I love you

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear wifey - Happy Monday

Dear bunda,

There is a time when most people don't love monday. Some other people even never love monday at all. That's why to happiness in live people should find the thing that he love most. There is one exact quote relate to this situation from one of ermm... programming book. "We will never happy in this life if we spent most of the time doing something we don't love".

Some of people trapped in that situation. It must be so hard to work 8 hours per day doing the thing that we don't like. But at the other side when our work is our passion time often feels fly. More than that we can get paid to do our favorite thing.

For me Monday is always great. Even actually every days are always great. More than that for muslim, work (and study) are one form of worship. So why don't we be happy facing every of our activity.

So with this short email I just want to invite you to be more grateful every day. I cannot deny there might be a day when we are not in good mood. Just turn your lips into "u" hopefully can bring back our good mood. Happy wonderful monday, tuesday to... sunday.

PS: I love u

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear wifey - Legendary Bikr

Dear Bunda,

More or less my interest with bike is descended from my dad. But the difderences are dad understand bike understand until the level of how to fix engine problem while me even don't know where is the location of sparking plug in the bike. Beside that the other reason I love bike so much is because we just a boy. You have to be quite understand for example most of the girls will stop playing doll when they rich puberty. But boy will still love to play radio control even after their 40 years old age.

While dad still stay together with us, I remember that we had two motorbike. The first bike is when I was child. I didn't know and remember exactly how it looks. The second bike the veryblong lasting one is a Honda GL Pro. This type is a legendary bike. He exist before the era a lot of sporty and sophiticated bike was born. Recently most of sporty bike will have monoshock breaker, racing velg, sporty headlamp, etc. But GL Pro has only double shock breaker, spoke velg (we call it velg becak a.k.a jari2), and clumsy square front light. But that bike bring me to many places. To school, to mall, etc.

I mention about went to mall above. When we (me and sisters) were child, we always want to join where our parent want to go. Since we were never have a car (yet), that legendary bike always used as our family vehicle. 5 human on 1 bike. Dad will ride, Vici will sit on the gas tank, mom sist behind while me and Thia will sit between mom and dad in the middle. We have ride to Mall Metropolitan Bekasi and even as far as from Jonggol to Mangga 2 North Jakarta with such style 5 person on one bike. We went to Mangga 2 to pick up me in Patuo house after stay for about 3 years.

That legendary bike also the first bike where I learn how to ride bike with a clutch (kopling). For a man, the real bike is bike with a cluth (we call it man bike). Semi automatic bike (we called it motor bebek) is only for a girl. Even matic bike is not bike at all because we consider riding it is like riding bike without soul. The function of clutch (which same function exactly with clutch at car) is to make surr engine doesn't turned off when transmission in not neutral position. In a man bike the clutch is activated by pressing left handle lever. In a car the clutch is in left most pedal. We have to push clutch when stop in non neutral transmission or when moving and will change transmission. At a glance it seems an inconvinience. Indeed for city ride using man bike will be more tired compare to ride matic bike. But for the real riding, for example ling distance touring, riding large engine man bike cannot dedcribed with a words. It has a great power with full of control and sharp response. I wish I could have some changes to ride in Europe maybe on a nice summer with 1000 cc BMW bike.

Anyways this mail is getting too long. Let share another story next time.

PS: I love you

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dear Wifey - December Random Thought

Welcome December. This the last the last mont in gregorian calendar. I was little bit laugh when reading some meme that in 30 days we can take a conclusion a 2012 doomsday when in Mayan calendar the world will be end is suspended. So, what is the speciality of this month? There are some. In western culture end of year means many holiday. But for the whom that doesn't prepare that too early, most likely cannot enjoy that holiday. Because in such peak time everything will be gone so mad expensive. Especially travel ticket and hotel.

That's why in my inner me there some wishful thinking to have a descent 1000 cc touring sporty motorbike. Let say Honda VFR. Bike feels like will set us free. The limitation will be only asphalt road. As long as there asphalt in fron of us, we can still ride forward. Even soil or rock road remain, with some carefulness we also still can move forwad. But I prefer asphalt road anyway. I dream to drive my bike accross asian countries. From Singapore, Malaysian highways, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China maybe? Haha really wishful dreaming.

Traveling will always setup our mind free. Although this statement is written by less traveled person, but I believe traveling will always enhance our quality of life. More wise, more sensitive to surounding and more grateful to God for all of his almighty.

Let back to December. In western there will a lot of snow this month. I always want to see a real snow. Until now the only snow that I've ever seen is only inside refrigerator. In my childhood, I even hope can go to Jayawijaya peak. Because in many school book it often mentioned that is the only place in Indonesia which has snow on it. But of course for now it will be easier to go abroad on winter rather than fly to Papua and climb the high peak.

Anyway enough for wishful thinking. When december end it's mean another new year will come. I mention about grageorian calendar in the beginning of this letter. That is the calendar that internationaly used right now. It based on the sun and the counting was started around Christ birth. That's way years after Christ are often mention as AD which stand for Ano Domini. And before gregorian calendar was said as BC, Before Christ. Maybe you will familiar from some history book will mentino some years like 2000 BC, 600.000 BC which mean 2000 years Before Christ and 600.000 years Before Christ consecutively.

Year is only a counter. Which based from it we can make a calculation that will help us to decide. For example, average of human age is 60 years. So by having calendar we can roughly make a decision what to do in life toward that age. But of course we have to remeber as well, average human age is just average which mean some human will be taken so soon before that time.

That's all my random thought for today.

PS: I love you