Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dear wifey - Photographer Wannabe

Dear Bunda,

It has been a while since I always want to be a photographer wannabe. When I was child camera is something expensive that I couldn't imagine how to afford it. More than that, before digital era indeed photography was something that very expensive and cumbersome. Thankfully when digital era comes, photography is more accessible.

It was 2003 when I was a freshman in my campus. As a new student we are encouraged to join an extracullicular activity. From so many options I was so attracted to photography club. That amazing feeling I think continue from a wonder feeling since I was childhood about taking picture. Pelase remember in 2003, even there were still no affordable mobile phone with camera. Even if there is one that mobile phone will be damn expensive.

So at that time I decided to join that club. New member that want to join an extracullicular activity have to pass through inauguration process. For some club the meaning of inaugenarition is got bullying by senior. The photography club is one of the club that is famous for extreme bullying in inauguration. But however I just decide to join.

Before inauguration day we are participating with some photo rally. We were visiting kota tua at that time. We are divided into groups which every group is lended with one SLR camera. Please note, we were using SLR and not DSLR. Whe spent some hour in kota tua to took same picture which later will be exhibited in campus.

Some day after that the inauguration is coming. The venue was in Cipanas. All of us went there using military truck. The event was so heavy. We are fully get bullyed by senior. Like have stay in very cold swam in the midnight. Swimming through cold river. Etc.

Btw I just join the club for some months because I just find that I cannot match with other member culture and behaviour (mostly they came from art department which sometime little bit have weird behaviour). But still I always interest with photography. Since most of my interest relate to left brain activity, I always thing photograpy will be a good balance.

PS: I love you

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