Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dear Wifey - Island of Sentosa (a novel snapshot)

Dear Bunda,

Do you know that since a long time ago I always want to write books. Book is one of most obvious trace that we can leave in this world. I want to write any book. Either novel or latest software tools guide. And in the beginning of the book I would like to write a dedication page that mention more or less: "This book is dedicated to my wife, my angel, my life partner, my manager and the mother my children... etc". I would like to set one of this year resolution is to write a book. Let see how is the result later. In the mean time I want read a novel by Stieg Larrson, The Girl with Dragon Tatto. Just one to make some short geteway from confusing algorithm books that I read extensively this recent days. Also to improve my literature, reading, writing and language skill.

Let me make a short practice by writing a short snapshot from an untitled novel that is takken by last night event.


The year finally incremented. Nothing special just some digit changes in calendar. From the distance we can see fireworks that is shoot to the sky with some colorful fire. In deep of my mind I made a short contemplation, "how much the organizer spent the money just to be burn". But I don't too much care for now.

In the mean time we are sitting in one of foodcourt beside vivocity, the largest shopping complex in Singapore. We are 7 guys and 1 lady. The 5 guys are all highschool friend of my wife. While the other one guy and one lady is friend of those 5 guys. Since I arrived in Singapore last year I became so close with all my wife friends here in Singapore.

We are gathered in one table while waiting the foods that we have eaten to go down to our stomach. We were ordering some singapore satay and prata. In front of us is a big screen showing some soccer match. Interestingly they don't put a channel for new year countdown. But nevermind because I myself doesn't care too much about that. Behind our tables are a group of western people. Don't know exactly yet from part of the world they came. What I have seen they drink so much beer. Maybe if I can heard some deep throat talking, I can guess they are from Germany. But if they start speaking sexy language, they might be from France. Or if they are talking seems cool wannabe English, perhaps they are from US.

Before I think more about those western group, suddenly we decided to walk to Sentosa island. Actually it seem weird to cross the channel after firework party. We walked against the flow. When a lot of people walking toward Singapore, we were walking to Sentosa. Along the way we talked anything. Most of them are silly talk, but I enjoy the most and laugh a lot. Sometime we stop and take some pictures. Then we walk again and do silly talk again. The bridge from singapore to Sentosa is bended around 2 Km perhaps (I have to check the accurate length). By slow walking we can arrive arround 15 minutes.

Back again about the silly talk. Suddenly I don't know from where we start talking about Korean name. "Kim Jong Ill" said one of the guy.

Then the other shouting, "After he recover his name will change to Kim Jong Well". I cannot stand to laugh so hard.

Then the other again post another silly response, "If he go to toilet the his name must be Kim Jong Kok". Hehehe. Anyway this part could be understood only by Indonesian.

Then they continue to shout each other. From serious talk to silly, to serious to silly, alternately while we keep walking to the island of Sentosa.

PS: I love you

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