Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dear wifey - A Short Farewell

Dear Wifey,

That is it. 3 months flies like a flash. It feels just like yesterday when I picked you up from Changi Airport. Today I drop you off when you have go again to Germany.

Dear wifey, thank you for bring so much happiness during your stay. Thank you for always taking care of me all the time. Thank you for not complaining in staying in small room and sharing very small bed.

Wifey, did you know, at the time I decide to propose you, honestly I was not sure whether you are the truly the one that I am looking for. I just asked an advice from Allah and from there my heart felt a guide and can do autopilot to do what I have done. Then as the time goes on, I become more and more grateful for that decission because, choosing you is the best decission I've ever take. As the time goes on, more and more I felt for you.

Dear wifey, physically separating again from you is a grieve. However we have to face this as our current reality. Of course we will not just give up and do nothing for this condition. I will do many things so that we can reunite again. Either by applying job and also applying scholarship. During this process, let's pray and fight together for our dream.

Wifey , did you remember the closing sentence of my earlier dear wifey email? It sounds something like, please wait me in Ilmenau, couple of weeks from now. Can wait to touch and kiss that beautiful and soft check that you have.

PS: I love you