Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dear wifey - How to have an awesome life

Dear wifey,

Human live in this earth only in limitted time. In this era, average life expetancy is around 60 years. We could have some bonuses for some extra years or on the other side we could also have less years. Nobody will know when exactly died will approach. The most important thing we only have one life. There is no green mushrom like in Super Mario Bross that give us extra life after we died. Most meme hate this tag line YOLO, but it is very true that You Only Live Once. So let spent it wisely.

There are not a sin to life just usual. However, I catch one nice quote about few years back. I don't exactly remember from where I got that. Perhaps even I was the one who originally created it. The quote sounds "Life is too precious if just to be ordinary." We have only one life with limited time span then why don't we spend it in awesome way?

Here are two important things that I considered important to be an awesome person. First is we should be an awesomely honest and awesomely nice person. Most religious people beliefs there will be another eternal life after this where we will be granted for what we did in this life. Logically it will be ridicolous chasing some material things with not honest way and feeds our family with such dirty income. However still many people do. The act of robbing not always must be in obvious way. Corruption either in form of time and money is one common example that happen in many places on earth. Life honestly, only consume a clean income and always be nice with other is one important thing that we should do first.

Second is going the extra miles. I got this quote from Negeri 5 Menara (Country of 5 towers) novel wrote by A. Fuadi. Very nice three sequels of novel to boost our motivation in life. The poin of this quote is do our best in every aspects of our life and let God decide what is the best outcome for every particular current situation. Wifey always advice me one of greatest suggestion I ever received. "Always try immediately every potential opportunity and challenge that inline with your interest and vision. Let decide what should we do later after getting the outcome." Example, I have applied so many scholarships in this 3 years and indeed still no one succed yet. Who cares about the failure? It might hurt you at beginning. Whatever that doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Do self evaluation, analyze improvement that can be done and then reapply again. We might be still fail again but at least we will learn so much. Just do the first step and let decide the next step after gettinf the first outcome. If succed later we decide what to do and if not succed what kind of strategy adjustment we can do.

Continue to elaborate further do our best and going the extra miles. If other people fail one times and give up, don't be like that. Don't bother to fail hundreeds time and keep going further with every strategy adjusment that we need. If other people study for 2 hours per night let make it 3 hours for us. If other people can finish work assignment in 4 hours find a way so we can finish earlier. Not only for such example, other sample is if other people spent his time from growth up until die in one place then we should go to explore the world. There are too many beautiful place that we should missed it on earth. Go to Europe, America, Middle East to any place that we can. Travel always bring positive insight in our life. Luckly it was rooted in one of my passion. Be different, be original and be yourself. Because once more life is too precious if just to be ordinary.

PS: I love you

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear wifey - Re: A reflection

Dear Wifey,

It has been two years isn't it? Also, Like I often said Time flies isn't it? I remember almost all details since the first time we met, to the time we felt click, to the time we got married, to the time we were mostly separated, to the time we could live together like common couple for a while, to the time of today when I write this letter.

It was still quite clear in my mind, the first day we met, when unluckily you sit beside me :p. The destiny will be totally different if you were sitting at different spot. We were talking so much in the middle of test. I didn't wanted to waste a chance, I found a way to got your phone number before leaving that day. The destiny might be different if I didn't successfully got your phone number. And then you also remember the story after that, don't you? Watch movie, some dinners and dates, hanging out to mall, etc.

Birth, died and mate are God area. He decide all those stuffs. I was wonder at beginning, how God can find a match of one man to another woman. Does he use some kind of trancendent algorithm? The way we met and then live together and hopefully forever, always make me wonder. How lucky I am to have you at the end.

You are almost perfect from all side, that can complement so many deficiencies that I have. Joy, comfort, sense fulfillment are all the feelings that I have since we are together. If sometime I behave strange, like so easy to get emotional, those are not because something wrong from your side but totally more to my own mistake that could not be more patient and could not be more gentle to treat you. However, I am always learning to be a better person.

So let's talk about some mission statement. Firstly I want we can partner together to build our dream marriage. With a joy, laugh and comfort that never last forever. I don't want to learn that by going through bad way such your story below. How hard the challenges that might come in front of us, I always wanted to stay beside you and hold your hand firmly. Second, I want we can be together to build a strong generation in very nice family. To have smart and wise children that love the learn, full of care and have big dreams. Third, I want we to be more settled. To have a nice home anywhere or some houses in some beautiful places with some of our dreams vehicles inside garages. A wise man said, don't put dunia in your heart but grab it in your hands. Fourth, always have a great adventures ahead. Fifth, please help me to add.

Dear wifey thank you to be with me for this 2 years. I hope you don't mind to spent the rest of our life together. Thank you for continuesly giving surprises and presents. Those are important but still, you are the most important one.

Happy 2 years anniversary. I always love you.

PS: I love you

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dear wifey - Developing Superior Global Agent

Dear wifey,

Even though I only to Europe one time, but I always love the place. I was there after winter so that the temperature still so much cool compare to tropical countries but not blazzing freeze. I like so many beautiful buildings and exotic scenary there. Most of the people also so kind. However, like any part of the world we will meet people that seems unfriendly. I love the Amsterdam Canal so much and raised thousends of curiosities why we cannot maintain our public facilities as clean and as tidy that European countries?

We are living in paradox country. Where we are proud to be country with the biggest muslim population in the world but at the same time the corruption level also very high. We are rich by natural resources but we are not earn any income from those because most of valuable things are maintained by foreign country.

I wanna say burn so hard whem hearing, reading, watching many ridiculuous news about the country. Incapable person that is assigned to be an ambassador in advance country, again about corruptions that has been rooted so much, anachist behaviour of most people, etc etc etc. When go back to the country we will face many rdiculous behaviour directly. Stupid people that smoke anywhere. Undiscipline people on the road. Back to some speak about religion, religion is nothing if only applied at the level pf self labelling and empty routinity in shallow worship. The worst things from all of those pathethic condition of our country is, I even haven't do anything yet to make it better.

There several things that we can do start from small thing. Be an agent while we are living abroad. Be an effective worker or brilliant student that capable maintain of high quality of work with full of discipline. So that if someone start to wonder about ua we can bring positive assestment for our identity. Who is that genius guy? Wow and Indonesian man. Oh a moslem that very disipline. Who is the smart woman? Oh scholarship student from Indonesia. She just present a nice conference paper in Sweden. Another step to be a super agent is inventing an awesome thing. Write a good book. Even if just a novel. Develop awesome opensource software. Etc. Indeed, I haven't do so much about these but I know we have to start even if it small.

However there is also super important thing to do to restore our country and muslim identity intp better level. Educate the next generation with best education in all aspects. The most important is teaching about the religion itself and complement with teach and give example of proper self development so that our childrend and grand children will growth as a good character generations. After self development then we should influence them about the excitement about learning. Teach the children to be always thirsty in searching the knowledge so that beside proper charachter our next gwneration descendant also could be a super brilliant generation that have power in knowledge, science and technology. Onw time I read about how Israeli family raise their children. They prepare all the stuff with full of care. So no wonder, even though in total they are so small but Jews people can handle many most important roles in the world.

Anyway, I wonder with myself how come the first paragraph story about European dream became little bit heavy essay? Like meme said, that escalated quickly!

Hopefully and we have to prepare ourself to give best education to our children in all aspects of their life.

PS: I love you

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dear wifey - The Park Connnector

Dear wifey,

I always love riverside park near our apartment. At the time we moved there, it was so messed up because it was still in rennovation. Now as the time goes, the park connector becoming better and better. The fences are good, the trees are green. The river still dark chocolate anyway. I often wonder when our country could have such a good park. In Singapore people build the nature because they don't have natural resources at the beginning. However in Indonesia people destroy the nature and build ugly building.

I am sometime thinking to go to park at the night bringing macbook air and write an awesome software as the basis of the startup that I built. Typing c++ codes in the park at the night gonna be cool isn't it? At the other opportunity I sometime plan to have short jogging. It has been more than year since my last jogging. My jogginf rebook shoes often smile wirh ugly face to me, since he ha been worn no more than 10 times for 2 years.

When seeing to the west in the afternoon there are some magnificent view. One day I saw a beautiful orange sunset. I cannot see it fully because it was blocked by apartment building. I the other time I saw enermous unique form of cloud. I snapped it and uploaded to instagram. The sky is free and Singaporean people built a nice frame with their park connector.

However sometime the goodness and cleaness of the park is destroyed by ugly behaviour of some people. They sometime just throwing their garbage anywhere. Singapore law enforcement that is known so strict from outsider is not true all the time. Sometime I question to myself and maybe to the God. Why don't God just create nice people in this world? Why bother giving life to bad people? The world should be a better place if all the people nice isn't it? No corruptor, no murderer, no robber, no rapper, no undispline garbage thrower, no ugly smoker, no annoying neighbour. Anyway God must be have His own good reason.

Dear widey, I always love nature and the park. Looking forward to sit in beautiful park bench with you. Maybe in Europe. I love the pidgeons there. Like in Habibie and Ainun movie.

PS: I love you