Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear wifey - Flag that remind me

Dear Bunda,

In last few days so many Singapore flag is put in many places. Singapore birthday will come soon. August is the month when many countries celebrate it birthday. For most countries the birthdat is the date they declare their independence. For country whose never collonialize, their country birthday maybe taken from their king or queen birthday. Maybe.

August is a month where many countries celebrate it independence day. What I remember so far they are Singapore, India and of course Indonesia for sure. In Indonesia our independence day is celebrated in a unique way. It is celebrsted with so many funny contest.

I flashback to a moment when I psrticipated in some of that funny contest. Most likely that flashback will bring us to childhood time again. Back to AIP when I was living with patuo and matuo.

In that august I participate in so many contests. Eat kerupuk, race with our mouth hold spoon with marble in top of it, catching fish in small swimming pool, etc. I will share the story detail some time later. What I remembered again in that afternoon my friend called me several time in front of house. He asked me to came to stadion in compleks where the winner for the countest was announced. If I am not mistake I won a pen that time.

Do you know from where this email topic ha come? I am sitting on sofa in 2nd floor teletech park when my eye notice some flag that hooked in some places in front of building.

PS: I love you

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear wifey - Teacher Story

Dear Bunda,

Teacher has significant impact to interest development of their student. Boring teacher will teach with boring way which at the end will make student boring as well. Passionate teacher will teach with full of passion which at the end will transmit the passion to student too.

I falling in love with Mathematics since I was in junior high school. It began on my 2nd grade when I taught with a Christian teacher named Pak Tri. I don't remember exactly what that made me so falling in love with Math by his teaching method. Actually at first grade I was teach by a muslim woman teacher. Her name is Ibu Turenih. I thought she must be ex activist in her university. Because her hijab was very long. She is very nice and kind. But my interset with Math only began after Pak Tri teach me.

At another lesson is Physics. We first interact Physics in junior high school isn't it? The great teacher that teach me at that time was Pak Sahroni. He also OSIS counselor. When he teach he present full of all passion that he had. So then many of student, include me really want to impress him by studying and finishing assignment as be as we can.

At the other side there was another teacher in 180 degree. His name Pak Cirrus Simanjuntak. Can you guess from where he come right? The most negative attitude of this teacher is he like slapping student when student cannot answer or made a mistake. He teach math as well. Alhamdulillah I never teach by him. One interesting story, when we on the 3rd grade Pak Cirrus died suddenly. Some of the student said he died because drunk and eat dog (some batak people love to eat dog). Very ironic in situation there are so numerous people love when you die. Naudzubillah.

Anyway, my break time was run out. Will share another story next time.

PS: I love you

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear wifey - Sleep

Dear Bunda,

With some exaggeration, it feel so fainful when we have to against a willing to sleep more. Even though at the other side, it is exactly uncomfort as well when we sleep too much. We can feel this example on a weekend. Our bed feel like a heaven. It seems only because factually the more we sleep the more our energy is drained by oversleeping. But still, when weekdays is coming I always miss so much to meet next weekend when I can oversleep again.

In second grade of my highschool, my class was started on PM time. About 12.30 PM to 5 PM. It is because AM time was used by 1st and 3nd grade. This split was needed because classrooms in my highschool could not acomodate so many student that they had. So in second grade my favorite routinity was sleep again after shubuh. It was undescriptable pleasure and tired also.

In unuversity I have to leave enjoyment of have nearby school. I have to commute to Jakarta for every working day. Then I started to enjoy to sleep on the way. At angkot and at bus. Not perfect sleep but it was to temting to ignore.

At the end, the funny will be that our thirst of sleep can be paid as much as we want at the time we sleep forever. At least before resurrection day. Whenever it come hopefully at the time we ready.

PS: I love u

Dear wifey - Setahun Kemarin

Dear Bunda,

Today, exactly 1 year ago we was somewhere in a place name de hoek. Still remember exactly quite detail all of that moment. We are looking some food first if I am not mistake it bebek slamet. But since it closed we moved to another place. That restaurant that perhaps I will remember forever.

I don't understand woman exactly as man also don't understand himself exactly. I don't remember whent it was started, but my interest with you grow so fast since the first time we met. Of course I did some research to justify my decission. Decession to propose you in informal way. I started from your facebook. I started from your twitter. I analyzed our way to communicate. Messenger, SMS, etc. It still a gift for me to have opportunity to close with you in very short time. After some deep consideration then I decide to talk about I feel about you. Previously, I thought woman can detect when a guy have some feeling with her. Especially man usually will act the girl very proper when he fall in love. That's why, maybe that time I still don't understand woman exactly. Then at the time I talk to you, I never thought it will make you very surprised.

What I remember about taking 29 July 2011 as the date of revealing my feeling to you is I don't want to hide it too long. Also 2 days before Ramadhan will be quite memorable. Even though Ramadhan will always move sooner year by year, at least I can still remember that I propose you in informal way 2 days before Ramadhan. I don't have any script to talk at that time. I just pour my feeling to you that evening. Without artificial dialog. Everything is coming from my heart. Never expect anything in return. Just want to share what I feel. That's all.

And as the time goes by, like one of my favorite meme little bit I modify, everything went better and much better as expected. But of course we have to work out many things for our ideal life. Saving much money. Learning as much as we can in any field of our interest. We also have to keep our life harmonious. From young, till old. I always want to be with you. Happy aniversary for my informal proposal.

PS: I love you

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear wifey - To be or not to be a stupid

Dear Bunda,

This morning I just want to say that I really love you. I always want to spent rest of my life and there after with you. It is so peaceful when seeing you sleep so comfortly. It is so warm when you always talk to me so softly. It is always cheerful when you often make a joke with your rich expressions and gestures. We will never know exactly, about how it will be after now, where will be heading, what obstacles that might exist in our life. But I always want to walk and run with you. There is no guarantee for smooth-life-without-problem-at-all. But just believe that every challenge in our life must be always improve us. Just remember whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Or in Super Mario Bross term, whatever doen't kill you will only make you smaller. ;)

In last days, I often make some mental rehearsal for about 1 year forward. I will finish my first year contract and suspend for about 2 months (I never think to be employeer for too long). At that time we will go Umrah together and directly go for some vagabonding for several weeks. Visiting some countries in Middle East, North Africa, West Europe and end in East Europe (Moskow maybe?). After that travel you will back for finishing your small remaining study and for me hopefully confidently finaly can got a scholarship. Then later we will start live together in most beautiful place on earth (actually with you every place is beautiful, every food is delicious, every odor is fragrance). Living together make write the checklist while we one by one reaching our dreamlist from our dream book.

We will never know until trying. Rather sound stupid in life rather than to be stupid by not taking action. The first action will be dreaming that for sure have to be followed by real action.

PS: I love you

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dear wifey - Ramadhan, Mie Ayam and Rujak

Dear Bunda,

Today already 7th day of Ramadhan (8th day in your case). Time move so fast isn't it?

Beside romansa shubuh and also the memory of sahur in Surya Restaurant there are still so many thing that come into my mind when thingking about Ramadhan. One of it is hunting food after Tarawih. We are blessed to be born on country that so rich with food. Although cursed at the same time by so many ridicolous people who live in there as well.

After finished Taraweh in mosque usually I would hang out a moment in mosque with other people. Just laughing and do small talk. Some of them also drink their coffee. Some of people also recite quran inside mosque. After I think enough hanging out, I will go home, but will stop by in mie ayam stall near mosque. Ramadhan often boosts income for most seller, especially food seller. Include mie ayam and es campur seller near the mosque. The mie ayam that they sell actually is very ordinary. Even we only can find less chicken in that mie ayam. Most of the pieces that we thought as chicken actually cutting of raw papaya that is mixed with chicken with proportion 80percent raw papaya and 20percent chicken. Very logical since he sell mie ayam very cheap to adjust with consumer level in that area. But anyway the food was so great. Maybe also because in Ramadhan most people appetite increase significant. Mie ayam + a lot of red sauce + kerupuk kulit + es campur as closing = hard to describe of pleasure.

I have know for long time the mie ayam seller. I forgot his name, but I first knew him when I was in Elementary school near central of Jonggol city, near alun-alun. At that time he sell rujak. One of my favorite. Usually I will buy combination of bengkuang, pinnaple, rose apple and the most important is watermelon. All of it then will be poured by melted red sugar sauce.

In corelation of this I remember a scene in my childhold. "I have a riddle. Please mention minimum 20 kinds of fruit within 3 second!" Ask me. Some of my friend start mentioning all fruits that he can remember. But he only can mention up to 3 fruits as well.

And other smart pals try to answer. "Please mention minimum 20 kinds of fruit within 3 second!" I repeat.

With confident he answer. "RUJAK!" within one second only.

Talking about fruit make my saliva stimulated this afternoon. Oh still some hours to breakfasting. Happy fasting dear.

PS: I love you

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear wifey - The Contest

Dear Bunda,

I just want to share one short story even mostly you have heard this as well. One time in one kingdom the king make a contest. The award will be married with king's daughter or will get a lot of money. But the contest detail was not announced until the day.

So the day finally come. In one evening a lot of men come to the yard of the palace. Most of them tall and have giant body and of course look intrepid. The king then gather the audiences in center of the yard while the king himself and his daughtar wait in one side of the corner. Between audiences and king is separated with large pool. Most of audiences waiting in the side of the pool while the king then make announcement. "Between middle of yard and me there is large pool. The pool is full of crocodile, predator fish, scorpion and any vicous creatures ever live. Anyone who can swim accross the poll and reach me here can get the award."

It was some silent for a moment. Until suddenly everyone hear on big sound of plunge. Someone splashed into a pool. Immediately all the wild creatures approaching that brave guy. With very high skill swim, the guy move so fast and zig zag avoiding all that creepy animals until finally he can arrive at the end side of the pull and jump out directly to the side of the king while then take deep up and down breath so fast. Everyone suddenly startled and all become quite. That guy is very small. Short and thin man.

"Wonderful young man congratulation" said the king, when at the same time most of the audiences seem dissapointed by not acting fast like that young little man. "So what that you want?" Ask the king to the man to chose prize.

While still fast breath the young man said very loud "I want to know, who had pushed me to the pool!!??"

Moral of the story is how hard something for us will be harder if we just considering without acting directly. The easiest way is just plunge to the water, sometime wonderful thing happen and we can achieve that difficult thing. Of course we have to do same preparation. But over preparation will only piling up doubt feeling in our heart. Just plunge to the water and swim fast. Second moral from the story is act as fast as we can, before anyone take the opportunities.

PS: I love you

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear wifey - Fog Story

Dear Bunda,

Today suddenly thinking about Kintamani, one of plateu in Bali. This was one of the best place in Bali for me. I always like mountain. Cool atmosphere, nice view and fog. One of the famous point of interest in here is Pura it side of Batur Lake. The view at that place is very gergous. Wind blow very hard when we stand at side of lake. The lake itself is surounded by mountain. Most of time the fog will cover the air. At the time I visited there when I had to go back to Denpasar, fog was so thick even my sight from car only 2 or 3 meters forward. Before going back to city I stop in one nice mosque near Kintamani. The mosque ablution was so dark without light because that time the mosque was in renovation. To to mosque we have to walk through high stairs and park the car beside the road. The fog covered almost everything that evening.

When fog is surrounding, sometime it remind me to one of old game that I have played. Silent Hill. Actually I am a typical person that easy to fear. But playing horror game sometime always attract my curiousity. Silent Hill is the story of man who searching his lost daughter in a city named... Silent Hill. The fog always cover the city. In searching process the man haunted by many mistique creatures. Then recently I just played same genre game, Alan Wake. When weird creatures (they named it as The Takens) will appear in game fog will come surround. It means time for me to run with increased heartbeat.

Let's leave the game for a while. One of other place that often covered by fog is Puncak. It was a time when I was riding my bike to go home from Bandung at that time. Actually from Bandung there is a alternative road that connect directly to Jonggol. But after evening the road will so quiet because not too many vehicle passed. In that situation it will be better to go via Puncak. That time is about 10 PM. When approaching puncak pas fog become thicker and thicker and I almost couldn't see anything in front of me. I even have to open my helmet glass because the fog that hit it melting in that glass make me cannot see anything. There was a funny story. I stop by in Puncak pass to take rest a while. The best think to eat at that temperature was something warm. Fortunately a Sekoteng seller was standby. I sit in side of fence that guard that area from deep cliff below. I can see so beautiful light from far away down below. The weather so cold even my breath turn into a smoke. Suddenly le wird man appear. Puncak style to the max. Wearing sarong in his body, thick clothing, sweater and kupluk in his head. "Villa villa kang?" He ask me. Even before I respond he continue. "Nanti saya carikan ceweknya juga kalau mau. Tinggal pilih. Mau lokal mau arab juga ada" He continue make me little bit shock and laugh inside. No need to take too long time I decided to leave that place after paid sekoteng. Heading home while still little bit laugh inside.

So that was some story about fog.

PS: I love you

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear wifey - First job

Dear Bunda,

I want to share story about my first job. Studying in mid low university gave me some different experience. Most of my colleagues and me have difficulties in funding our study. So we have to do many things. One of it is finding job. There are some of my friends who work in McDonalds. Some other friends create some training and publish it in annoncement board to gain participant. For me I decice to take easier path, teaching.

I decided to apply to Nurul Fikri. I have to send the application with all required documents. Even they ask for candidate to wrote application letter by hand. No need to wait too long I was called for interview.

I forgot the interviewer name. But that guy is one of only two staff of Nurul Fikri private teacher provider. At that time he use sunglasses while interviewing me. He was eyes aches. I was quite nervous because that was my first interview. He ask many things. Am I smooking, am I drinking which for sure I answered no for all of that. In one moment he ask me to mention 10 of my strengths and weakness which I was very confuse to give full listing.

After interview then next move to teaching demo. We simulate learning environment with the interviewer pretend to be student and I was as a teacher. I pick Newton Law topic at that time. With feeling unsatisfied I went home that day. Few days later I received call and got the job. Freelance job actually. I got 25.000 per 90 minutes teaching. If I can teach 3 times per week then I can have 12 times per month multiply 25.000 equals to 300.000. Not very big but it feel like a fresh air. Even there was a time when I teach for nore than 5 session per week. Sacrificing time to hangout with friend after class and make me have to go home very late. One time I have to walk about 30 minutes from student home because it was already 9.30 night and no more metro mini. I stayed with that teaching career until 2010 after I think O have decent salary. Somehow sometime I miss that moment.

PS: I love you

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear wifey - Story about fireflies and tadpoles

Dear Bunda,

Have you ever seeing firefly and tadpole? I have but it quite sometime ago. One of the moment that I remember was when I live in Jakarta again, when I was children.

If I am not mistake, our house number is C4. In front of house was a car garage. Behind car garage was soccer field. Very large soccer field which very dark in the night. At that time quite often I saw firefly. Beautiful flying up and down. Sometime I just went outside from home and walk to that soccer field and run trying to catch one. One time my friend said, firefly is nail of devil. Be careful he said. I don't care anyway. If I can get one, I put inside plastic bag. Never put it too long because I won't make it suffer or kill it. So usually I release again after enjoy play with it and let it went back with it groups.

Other days specially and rain season, our complex often get flood. I think this is most likely happen because the complex exactly at side of Ciliwung river. Also fast development around the area make not much places for natural water absorption. I have some hobby in rain season at that time. Collecting frog babies. I see in dictionary it is Tadpole in English. For sure I will not do that now. It must be disgusted. But don't know why I enjoy play with them when I was children.

After rain at the day sometime I go outside of house. Like usual it was flood. Sometime only as high as my ankle but sometime the water will be as high as my knee. I will go to same place like seeing firefly, go to soccer field which is also sunken by water. But this time I will bring one old unused tin cracker. Tin cracker like we often see in warung-warung. It has square shape and round lid and the interesting poin it has glass in front of it. So we can see cracker inside the tin. My idea was I will put tadpole inside tin cracker so it will become tadpole aquarium. :)

So with tin cracker and one plastic bag I start hunting after rain to the soccer field. Children almost never fear anything. For sure I will never do that again now. It can many creatures in flood area like that. Snail, wild fish or maybe snake. But no fear at all at that time. First I will walk around side of soccer field try to find area where tadpole usually come together. After I found I just collect them use my plastic bag. Sometime they will run away here and there. But not too difficult to catch some. After I got some I will put inside tin cracker which already filled with water before. After I think enough, I will went home. I left the tin cracker in one corner are of soccer field. Most of time there will be nobody bother it.

Few days later I will go back and saw my baby tadpoles already grow into small frog. Usually I just release all of them to the sewer. If I remember it sometime feel so ridiculous. But childhood with all of this adventurous was always beautiful.

PS: I love you

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear wifey - Fasting When we were children

Dear Bunda,

When we were children fasting was very challenging. Most of children will go through fasting education by using half day approach first. Then at he grow up the child will be ask to adjust to fasting for full day. I didn't remember exactly when I start fasting. But memory that retain in my mind was start from when I live in Jakarta.

In Jakarta, Matuo and Patuo had a maid. Even she still worked at maid until now. I think the maid already work for them more than 40 years. Her name is Mba Iti. So all household tasks is handled by her. Except for cooking food. Sometime so will cook. But sometime matuo will cook as well. So every breakfast and sahur food will always be there. By the way, in matuo family, they don't have daughter. So all family member are man except matuo itself. At the time matuo not at home, or when she was sick, so no one cook. In Ramadhan I will be woken up by Patuo and 5 of us (Patua and his three son plus me) will go outside for sahur. The only place that we always went again and again is one Padang restaurant outside our house complex. I still remember the restaurant name Restoran Surya. We never get bored since perhaps, padang food is part of our sould ;).

We will go there using patuo hartop. The official name for toyota hartop actually is Toyota Land Cruiser. Hartop is unofficial name that widely use in Indonesia. It is Jeep. Large jeep (maybe because when I was childreen I was so small). No power steering and very not fuel efficient. Anywhere we went at that time I will be always sit in back cabin. Seat configuration in back cabin is not facing forward but facing side and only accomodate one adult per side or one adult and one children or three childreen. Actually the family have other car. Uda Yose had Mitsubishi Lancer and Uda Didi had old Isuzu Panther. But since mostly I went outside with Patuo and Matuo I will ride Hartop.

Let's back to Surya Restaurant. Their family have a long habit to chit chat along eating and after eating. You knew right after we go there and they talk so many things. Same case after sahur. We will talk for a moment. Guys club only. Then after imsak we will went back to home. Btw the restaurant itself is exactly in opposited side of street from compleks housing. It only about 5 to 10 minutes by car. At that time I allowed to fasting half day only. So after go home from school, my breakfast food already in table. Very large portions of rice with meat and vegetable.

That's all for now.

PS: I love you

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear wifey - Romansa Subuh Ramadan

Dear Bunda,

Finally Ramadan come. Little bit feel different because this is our first ramadan abroad. At the same time our first ramadan as husband and wife. Our first ramadan we live at separate place. Very far distance away.

Same like most other secular country, in Singapore adzan is prohibited to be announced to public. So most of time there will be no Sahur notification no loud adzan maghrib. For the first day and even the first night yesterday I cannot feel any nuance for ramadan here. I supposed to go taraweh to mosque last night. If I did that maybe I will find some nuance. Unfortunately I was little bit too lazy. I hope will have same good motivation tonight.

Outside mosque everything all the same like usual day. Food court seems open as free as they can. In office also no different. I think. Because I haven't see all of those since today only the first ramadan. I miss the moment ramadan celebration in our country. In Indonesia Islam has more impact to more than faith in religion but already blended into our daily culture as well. Welcoming ramadan will make tradiotional market so crowded (maybe apply to modern market too) with so many people especially women shop for ramadan preparation. Fruit, meat, and all ingridients. In ramadan usually there will be some new food stall that open. Fruit soup or fruit ice seller will increase. Many people take ramadan oportunity for trading. For me it is very legitimate and also helpful most time, because we can find more variety of food.

Some routine activities that often we did when we was child was keliling kampung after subuh. After praying at mosque, young people, boys and girls, especially teenager like to walk around the town. We can see maybe hundreed in morning. We even introduce one interesting term, romansa subuh, because sometime boys and girls will walk for their own groups. When boys group pass girls group usually some boys will try to impress the girls. Hoping will got a girlfriend after lebaran. Of course we only tease each other without any bad motivation. After hike around the town we will go home around seven and sleep almost along the day. There was a time in our childhood when school is holiday during ramadan right?

Let's share some another story in different email. Happy ramadan my dear.

PS: I love you

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear wifey - China Dream Story

Dear Bunda,

Since long time ago I always want to travel around the world. Actually it quite funny when I mentioned love to travel but technically almost never traveling.

I just really enjoy to see beautiful scenary. Beach, mountain, green savana, cute animal (like Yaq the one we saw in Wikipedia this morning which you refer as me) and nice people. By traveling we can gain a lot of advantages. New experiences, new perspectives, new friends or for most of people new photos on facebook or for travel blogger (the one that I wanted to be) new nice blog post.

One of destination that appear in my mind is China. Actually China is not the safest place to visit. But this big countries has so many temptation. First thing first people will think about great wall. Can you imagine it has length of 20.000 Km. I even wonder for such length where usually tourist go? My other interest in China is their people. Especially Islam life in China. I just realize that there are quite many muslim in china. Of course overall china has so many citizens. Small portion of that many citizens will be still quite large.

There are some challenges for this plan. First is significant language barrier. Mandarin is not easy language to learn. Second is about safety. We also have to remember, streotypically chinese is not typical of kind and polite person. I also understand that I am a person who too lazy to make social interraction moreover to strangers. That's why this willing to travel to meet new people is my way to learn to tackle this defficiency. But fortunately I am very lucky to have you as wife. Because in our travel I can poke you while push you softly if we have to ask something or direction to other people :p.

Speaking about chinese again, currently I interest to one person. His name is Robin Li. I knew him after reading some books of google history. He is very smart person. PhD from University of Bufallo in US. He is one important person search engine technology history. He was one of person that take Larry Page and Sergey Brin interest at the time of Google inception. It is because Robin is also expert in Information Retrieval (part of Computer Science hat study about... Information Retrieval). But the great thing about great people is instead of considering small offer, they prefer to make breakthrough for something he has passion about. Robin never consider Google's offer but prefer to go back to China and later he decided to build a company which later turned into a giant internet corporation in China. It is Baidu. Baidu is unbeatable in China even by Google.

Smart people always inspiring. That's why how hard it seen I always want to pursue my PhD one day. I always want to learn and improve. Read books, join interesting courses, take GRE, keep chasing scholarship even though will make me face some dissapointment on the way. I want to be a better person who never stop sharpen his saw like said by covey.

Btw my mail become derailed. Hehe. At least my brainstorm about traveling to China give some good insight and motivation to myself this morning. Hopefully my perpetual dream will not bother you my lovely wife.

PS: I love you

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear wifey - Legacy of habits

Deae Bunda,

This morning you will get an honor to be the first person who read my speech script. :p. My speech title is.Inherintance of Habit.

Start script.

Dear fellow speechcrafter, congratulation, today I will share you very valuable inheritance from veey wealth person. Not money but more valuable. This is inheritance of habits from the guy who just passed away few days back Stephen Covey. This is inherintance of habits. Seven habit of highly effective people.

Covey was said. Habit is an intersection of what to do, how to do it and wanted to do it. What to do we call knowledge. For how to do it we call skill. And for wanted to do it we call desire. I will just share this inheritance for about what to do and how to do. You have full right to raise your own desire to act upon this inheritance.

Let start from the first. Be proactive. Our life is our responsibility either our success and failure. It is the best to never blame anyone as grown up people. This is the most important legacy. Other 6 inheritances will depend to this.

Second is first think first. Wise with prioritizing. Distinguish which one is important which one is urgent and which one is not important and not urgent. Watch out. Procrastination is your big enemy.

Third is beginning with the end. In every achievement there are always two phases of creation. Create in our mind and later physical creation. The first sometime known as mental rehearsal. Mental rehearsel have many advantages. By doing this mkst time we are pretending already achieve the think that we wanted to. It will help to motivate us and give more focus in executing chasing the thing that we really wanted.

Fourth is understand before to be understood.

Fifth is think win win. Not win lose. In most interraction in our life we always try to find mutual advantage.

Sixth is synergize. We are social creatures which can achieve big thing easier when colaborate with others. For example if we want to improve or learn public speaking just join toastmaster and synergyze with other member.

Seventh inheritance is sharping your saw. Do a lot reading attend albguage courses and try any new interesting thing to do.

In conclussion I want to mention one nice quotes.

Watch your thoughts because it will become your words Watch your words because it will become your action Watch your action because it will become your habit Watch your habit because it will become your character Watch your character because it will become your destiny

End script.

Btw goods speech should not by reading script. This script will be a guidance only to make me easier to find important point to deliver.

PS: I love you

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear wifey - AIP/PLAP

Dear Bunda,

The name of compleks area which I was staying is AIP/PLAP. AIP stand for Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran and PLAP I don't remember exactly but the first P and L stand for Pendidikan dan Latihan. That housing is intended for sailor or teacher in that academy. Now the academy has moded to North Jakarta in Marunda. It previous place was at Gunung Sahari. Exactly at where Mangga 2 Square stand now. Exactly beside Ciliwung river.

The facilities of compleks was very complete. Including sport facility which consist international size soccer field include tribune for spectator, One big swimming pool compleks and several tennis courts. Also there was one elementary school which I was studied there from 2nd to 4th grade SD Barunawati 1. Beside that there was also one playground which was one of my favorite to play.

The housings are divided into 4 area. The first third area is one row housing consist about 15 houses (if I am not mistake). We called it as Flat A, Flat B and Flat C. They are located in back area of compleks adjacent to academy. Have I told you that this academy aim is to prepare human resource to be civil sailor?

The first 3 flats is prepared for sailor and teacher like I have said. The one remaining are is Block D. Please notice we use Block and not Flat because in Block D consist more houses compared to Flat A, B and C. Block D is intended for non academy staff member. As I was children I see flats resident is richer people compared to Block D resident.

Let's continue the story at next mail. Btw I realize there are maybe so many grammar mistake and typos exists.

PS: I love you

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear wifey - Pouring Milk

Dear bunda,

It was one fine day when we stayed in our small hut. I was about 6 years old. Actually I already admitted to one elementary school. But that day everything changed little bit. Patuo and Matuo came to our hut. They decided to bring me with them. They hoped would help little bit our family situation. So I cancelled to study at SD Negeri Jonggol 1. But instead registered to SD Barunawati 1, an elementary school inside their house complex in Jakarta. Honestly like everyone else I don't like to stay with relative like that. Patuo and matuo are very nice person. But I just sad cannot stay with my family only because we don't have enough money.

Patua really love Toyota Hartop. That car also which I ride from Jonggol to Jakarta that time. Big car for me since I was so little that time. Technically no power steering and very not gas efficient. Later when I start to live in Jakarta that green hartop always bring me to any place that family go when I was invited.

All the time even although they applied very strict discipline but they always caring me so much. They always make sure I hope proper food. They will ask their house maid to prepare meal in dining table with very much portion. Somehow I didn't remember how I can eat all of that.

Every morning they also ask maid to make milk for me. You already know that my body most time refuse milk with strong feeling to throw up. But I cannot do anything. I just try drink all of it very fast and then drink a lot of water. Funny thing was when they were not around at breakfast time. I will silently poured all of my milk to washer basin and later I pretend have finished drink all of it. Until this time they never know with what I've doin.

Let's continue another story at next email.

PS: I love you

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dear wifey - Hubby little Secret

Dear Bunda,

Last night when you told me about your secret wish I felt so happy and sad at the same time. Happy because you always have a good faith in life. 180 degrees at other side, I don't have such strong faith anymore. Bunda I have a little secret as well.

Did you remember my previous two mail? About precious life and ordinary things. The night before I wrote that mail I received two mails. First from Jamie Tuthill Amazon recruiter and second from Cordula Giewald. Both girls congratulated me. In very good ways.

Jamie ask me to try next year because for current year she cannot proceed me as Indonesian, since US employment visa quota for this year already run out. That's why the focus of current recruitment is more to Singaporean or Australia citizen (US have different policy for these nations) which is reside in Singapore. Sometime I want to make little complain to God. I feel so sad to get a hope which at the end sunk me more. In a time I got the letter for preleminary processing from Amazon I try to believe maybe that is answer from God for my previous failures. But at the end I just knew that will another failure collection. Why just don't give me any hope instead? The sadest thing is I fail to make you proud.

Cordula is admission officer from Ilmenau. Also bring very good news. She mention my credit is not enough so unfortunately cannot admit me. At least at the end of letter she still congratulate me for my career and life. With or without that letter life will not change anyway. But I just feel I lost more part of my dignity again and again. But who cares. I don't care anymore. These are reasons for my previous mail.

This is not good reaction. I just try to find a good moment to raise my hope and faith again. Even though moment is not need to find because we only need to trigger that. One day I want to promise there will be a time for me to make you proud and to make you happy. I am so sorry don't have capability to bring your beautiful secret wish for now. For sure your wish and hope always my wish and hope as well.

PS: I always love you

Dear wifey - Ramadhan Appetizer

Dear Bunda,

In couple of days we will welcome Ramadhan again. Time move so fast isn't it? I feel like just yesterday, some of the first weeks after first time we've met. Do you still remember as well that I was proposing you about 3 days before ramadhan. Keep unanswered until several weeks after. ;)

Welcoming Ramadhan always give us nice feeling. Family gathering, breakfasting, great food and when we were child, at the end of Ramadhan we will got new clothes and few of extra money from families. The things little bit changes now. We cannot expect to get another ang pao or new clothes because we already arrive at the moment to give and not to receive.

Ramadhan means great food. Sweet, ice and sometime eat until you drop. My favorite breakfasting drink, hasn't chage since long time a go. Ice tea. Actually very sweet ice tea. In health conscious actually that is not too health. My biology teacher in high school was told me, better drink in breakfasting should be somethink warm. Hot tea for example. But the suggestion never absorbed to my heart. Hot tea still the best. Because easy to make and easy to find. If lucky enough my other favorite drink is Sirup Marjan. The best sirup in the world. I forgot the flavour, but the color is red. My favorite appetizer is common with other people. That is kolak. Sometime my mom make bubur kacang and the other time bubur ketan hitam. Both of those also great for opening before main menu. I forgot, before kolak, sometime I eat date fruit as well. Sunnah isn't it? :)

After opening menu usually will break from eat. Sometime if I am not too lazy I will go to mosque. Later after praying we will go to main menu of breakfasting. Btw, writing this letter make me hungry so much. ;)

Let continue for another episodes in welcoming ramadhan at the next mail.

PS: I love you

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear wifey - Life is too precious but be ordinary is also fine

Dear Bunda,

Have you ever felt when slowly most of your dream have faded away? I feel that way right now. Yes I will keep try any oportunities that I found. But somehow I just enjoy to be ordinary. I have said most time Life is too precious if just to be ordinary. But I think it will be more precious to have less dissapointment. I had a dream about post graduate degree. I had a dream about going around the world. But now they have left me.

I realize this perspective totally wrong. I permit may weak side dominate me is a nother mistake. But what I need right now is to have some break. I just want ordinary live. Less stress less dissapointment. One time in Junior High school I had made a bullshit in front of my friends. "At the time I will buy my first car few years from now, it will be a Ferrari." I said that time. My friends just smile. They had know since first time met me. I have too many big dreams. Sometime the dream is too wild.

But I just want to take rest. Take a break from put too many burdens in my mind. Just wabt to have a simple life. Enjoy comuting from home to office and vice versa everyday. For someday maybe just want to walk at side of river. At later time just want to just walk around to an expo. See unique items. Meet with various people. I will do those things until can regain my understanding about life preciousness.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear wifey - Surabay First Time 3

Dear bunda,

Tigor is pure Suroboyo guy. I met him in Pelayaran Kebangsaan V 2005. He was one of my roomate. He is nice guy. He love to sing. I think because he is Christian and sing often in his Church.

He already wait out of Pasar Turi station when I arrived there. I thought he will pick me up again with his car. But another friend with old motorbike again. Hehe. The travel time from station to his house was about 30 minutes. He invited me to visit his house first. I didn't remember exactly in which are it was.

Along the way until I arrived at his house he talk a lot. He was storying about some of his family member which also muslim.

When we arrived at his house her bude was at home. Her bude offer me to breakfast. I refused politely because I still fasting. Me and Tigor talk a lot in his house. Until after mid-day I asked permission to leave. Because briefing for the event will happen that evening. Again Tigor escorted me to the place. ITS sukolilo. It was also about 30 minutes from his house. I passed several places. The one that I remembered was Universitas Airlangga.

Finally I arrived venue. Several participant already there. I keep in touch with some of them until now. One of them was Ronald. Later I know that Ronald is Defindal campuss mate which also friend of Andresta the guy who I met at last year kominfo scholarship interview. Ronald was from IT ITB. Later Ronald worked in Microsoft Jakarta and then moved to Gemalto in Singapore.

I think that's all the story for now. Hopefully I can share some more good story again later.

PS: I love you

Dear wifey - Surabaya First Time 2

Dear Bunda,

This is continuing my previous story.

In one day, one of my best friend accompany me to Gambir train station. We go there use his old motorbike. I need to bought train ticket that time. Argo Anggrek train. I've almost never go to train station before. For more than 6 years I have live in Jakarta, since I was studying in university until I was working, less than 5 times I use train. I remember only 3 times. First when I try to use KRL to Bogor. Second when I travel home from Pasar Minggu via Kalibata and then to Jonggol after I visited my friend. The third time is when I went to Surabaya. That was my first visit to Surabaya. That was my longest travel with train.

It was ramadhan. After breakfasting in 404 room (this was my basecamp in campuss, later I will share some story about it), 4th floor of Electrical Engineering department, I prepared to leave. That time I didn't have any luggage. What I had only one old travel bag. That Time, Eka, the best mate who was accompanying me buy ticket, accompanied me again to Gambir, also still with his old motorcycle. I hold my quite heavy travel bag and lended laptop while he drove slowly to Gambir from Rawamangun.

At the time we arrived at station, the train already there. Eka even accompany me until inside the train. The train finally departed. I was sitting beside some about 30 years old guy. We talked little bit before finally I fall asleep. At about 3 AM, train officer moved around the train offering some food for passenger. I woke up, but since I thought it will be costly to buy food there, I decided just sahur with some bread that I have bought yesterday before. After sahur and sholat on my seat I fall slept again.

I woke up again around six. Already in East Java. I always love Indonesian nature scenary. At the time I woke up outside a train was very wide rice field view. So beautiful. That morning a lot people there seen start their activity. The children went to school. The father went to work. The mother went to market. Very busy, but so beautiful. Then after about 10 hours travel finally my train arrive at Pasar Turi. My other best friend, Werlen Tigor, pick up me at the train station.

Let's continue the story on my second letter, later today. :)

PS: I love you

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear wifey - Surabaya first time

Dear Bunda,

Several week before Ramadhan few years back on 2006 there was an interesting poster in my university. The poster announced one contest. Mobile Communication Software Development contest. Wow it sounds so sophisticated. Several days from that I brainstormed with myself. Sometime when I walked, only my body was there. My mind was flying here and there try to think nice idea for the contest. A few days later, le wild idea appeared :p. After browsed a book in library I got one concept. SMS gateway for praying schedule.

I wrote the proposal and sent it to comitte in Surabaya. Within few weeks the announcement was released. My proposal was selected as one out of 10 finalist. Then I have to work my proposal.

Sometime in really focus condition I can work so fast without affected to any distraction. I can wrote the first prototype within few days only. That project is first time when I use Java. I still cannot imagine how I can finish that in condition of I still learn to use Java. Finally less than one month the system was done.

Since I was studying in state university, their beuracrathic (this.must be wrong spelling for sure and I am too lazy to lookup dictionary) most time was annoying. I don't have any fund to go to Surabaya for presenting my idea. After little bit struggle I can get very limitted funding only few days before I go to Surabaya.

To be continued...

PS: I love you

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear wifey - Beautiful Ocean Creature

Dear Bunda,

I forgot whether have shared this story or not. In one fine morning when I was sailling with KRI Tanjung Dalpele I usually go to some nice corner of that very big ship. Sometime go to front area and sometime go to back area. Sometime go to the top floor and later I will go to bottom floor. That morning I went to front area of the ship. Most people were still sleeping. Maybe because I think it was still about 6 AM in the morning.

I was enjoying very beautiful scenary that time while ship moving forward so fast. Suddenly at bottom in front of ship came one wild creature. No need too much time came another one. Then came again and again. Almost ten. Then it started to and swimmed forward together with ship. That creatures are a group of dolphins. So beautiful. That was a first time I saw such beautiful creature in their habitat. They swimmed like try to race with some for sometime and I was really enjoying that experience. I had read that sometime dolphin like to act like that. Dolphin enjoy to swim between ship. Even there were skme story dolhin which save sinked person.

Like my yesterday email I am typical.person who like nature so much. I like mountain and I like ocean. Can't wait to go to some beautiful place together. Maldives maybe? Or go sailing with cruise ship? That will be great.

PS: I love you

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear wifey - Dream and Courage

Dear bunda,

I don't know what to talk for now. Yesterday I spent some time driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Don't be surprised, I drive in my laptop using my BMW. For that route I drive via national park. The scenary was very beautiful. Mountain in between the road. Clean river at our left. Sometime there will be waterfall either big or small. I became reminded to several pictures you've sent from several of your traveling. Mountain. Savana. Flowers. I always love natural scenary.

In Singapore there are not too many such scenary. We can see so many birds, parks and even flowers. But there is no real mountain, natural river and waterfal. We have to go to Malaysia or better to our neighbour country, Indonesia. Btw with all of this nature story remind me again at the first time Holly Kennedy met Gerry.

I don't remember the exact dialogues but more and less are like this.

"Hi, I am lost". Said Holly wet her colorful clothes. "Where are you want to go?" Ask Gerry. "National Park." "You are already in it now."

That national park also so beautiful. Hopefully there will be a time to go there sometime. To have a dream always need courage. To have big dream than we will need more courage. Sometime I am affraid to have too big dream because I am scare don't have enough courage. But you always give me any courage amount that I need. You are trully my angel.

PS: I love you

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dear wifey - Music of My Life 2

Dear Bunda,

Let's continue our story about my music exposure. In university, my music preference was not change so much. In that stage became more and more falling in love with alternative music. In second semester after listened in radio I started to like one of Danish band called Mew. Their music was very weird. But it was one of the reason that distinguish them from crowd. Since now sometime I still listening their albums.

One of the biggest new music preference in university was my interest with JRock genre. It started from one show in MTV trax radio which called MTV Iro-Iro. That was one hour show full of japan music, usualy JRock or sometime JPop as well. At that time one of the greatest japanese song (for me) was played frequently in MTV trax, even outside MTV iro-iro hour. The song title is Flower by L'arc en Ciel. Since that time I became die hard L'arc en Ciel fans again. Like usual I started to buy all of their album. Beside Flower one of favorite was White Feather, one of their longest song almost 9 minutes.

In university also mp3 became more common. After saving teaching fee for some moment I have enought money to buy my first thumb mp3 player. The price about 400.000 to 500.000 IDR, quite expensive at that time and at my earning level. That money only afford 256MB or 128MB (I forgot exactly) storage only which just can keep not more than 30 songs. But still such specification quite luxurios at that time. Especially my mp3 player can play FM-Radio, record sound and have running lyric feature (but we have to type the lyric manually).

After graduated from university and start working, my music preference don't change too much. Actually I am a typical person who love listening one type music or even one song again and again. Sometime my song playlist will be unchanged within several several weeks or months. At beginning time I join NFS Hamid gave me one folder consist several best songs of Dream Theater. I was hearing that for several time and quite enjoy it. Until the time Mas Rudi leave NFS only that I can very new music preference. In Mas Rudi laptop I found one interesting mp3 files. I has size more than 200MB. One kind of song could have so big size, I was questioning myself. After I heard it is actually a kind of compilation. It was State of Trance episodes 404. One of the best episode I've ever heard. It is dance music. Club music. It is trance music.

Since that time I became trance lover. At first time I came to Singapore I've ever think to attend zokout event. It was a dance music festival which one of featuring artist was Armin van Buuren. Also until this time I've never go to any club and don't have any plan to do so. But by using good headphone, trance music is always nice to enjoy at any place and time.

PS: I love you

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear wifey - Music of My Life

Dear Bunda,

These will be the story of my music preference. I start listening music since long time ago. My favorite song when I was child, like the other children, is the children song. The one that I remember until now is Si Lumba-Lumba song of Bondan Prakoso. Right now I am watching again thanks for youtube and want rolling out the floor laughing. :D Btw I wonder how and where is Papa T. Bob now?

Let we leave the shame of that children song to another shame. When I moved to Junior High School, Malaysian band was in booming in Indonesia. That's why I buy Exist Album from my neighbour and fallin in love with Mencari Alasan song. At that time I also listened some of other Malaysian band, but I don't remember exactly the band name. After this, there was a trend at that time for song request and kirim salam in Radio. The first radio that I listened routinily was Radio Dakta. The have request show everyday about after lunch time. Usually the time after I reached home from school. Growing as a tenager, my music preference was moving from children song to Indonesian love song. There was a day when I first get know to Tak Kan Ada Cinta Yang Lain from Dewa 19 in Radio Dakta. Since that day I declare Tak Kan Ada Cinta Yang Lain except to Dewa 19. Oh ya, at the same I time I was also exposed to Stinky band (the former band of Andre Taulani) with their songs e.g Jangan Tutup Dirimu also Base Jam with their fenomenal song Bukan Pujangga. But I still prefer Dewa 19. At that Junior High School until High School I became hard fans of Dewa 19. I bought all of their album, bought their magazine and also sang and play guitar (although I cannot play guiter) for their song. Even I put their poster at my room wall.

At the time I moved to High School I got other exposure and influence of music. One of my friend bring one weird casette (mp3 player or cellphone with music player was not common yet at that time). There was a baby picture in casette cover. It was written there: Pablo Honey, Radiohead. Since that day I became Radiohead fans. Very big fans because I also immediately buy all of their album and magazine. I was growing up to better state in music preference. I was still listening Dewa (they drop 19 word) until sometime. Until I think Ahmad Dhani became to annoying. After that time I more focus with alternative band. I start to listened Prambors, Mustang FM and MTV Trax radio (I think MTV trax is not exist anymore). Sometime I also tuned in to iRadio, want of radio in Jakarta which only play Indonesian song only. In high school I also get some influence to some Indonesian indie band. The most I remember and still appreciate their song until now is Pure Saturday, this is band from Bandung and later I buy The Milo album, Indonesian band with very good song, interestingly, most of these band song are in English. Back to western music preference, after listen Radiohead, I also try to listen several other british band like Oasis and Coldplay. But still I love Radiohead much more.

Will continue the story in next email.

PS: I love you.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear wifey - Sebuah Kisah Bus Tua dan Buruh Pabrik

Dear bunda,

Tadi pagi saat berangkat aku lihat sebuah bus tua lewat Serangoon Road. Di Singapura biasanya jarang ada bus tua. Memang ada bus-bus publik yang cukup tua milik SBS Transit atau MRT tapi biasanya mereka masih cukup terawat sehingga kita lupa jika bus itu tua. Sebagian besar bus-bus di sini masih sangat baru dan bersih. Beda dengan bus yang aku lihat tadi. Tidak kumuh sih tapi sangat membuat aku teringat tentang... Jonggol.

Sejak jaman kuliah aku sudah mondar-mandir ke Jakarta hampir tiap hari. Setiap berangkat dan terkadang saat pulang aku terselip di antara sebagian besar orang berangkat ke pabrik. Jonggol adalah kecamatan agraris. Masih banyak sawah dan jarang pabrik. Namun daerah di sekitar Jonggol seperti Cileungsi, Bekasi, Cikarang dan Gunung Putri adalah daerah industri. Oleh karena banyak pemuda jaman sekarang yang malas berurusan dengan sawah mereka lebih memilih.menjadi buruh pabrik. Secara ekonomi sedikit lebih baik dibandingkan bercocok tanam. Meski mereka akan menghabiskan energi yang sangat besar. Bekerja lebih dari 8 jam (kebanyakn pekerjaan mereka bersifat fisik) dan terkadang hanya 4 hari libur dalam sebulan.

Setiap pagi itulah aku terselip di antara para buruh pabrik yang hendak berangkat kerja. Jumlahnya setiap pagi mungkin ribuan. Sedikit yang naik angkot. Cukup banyak juga yang naik motor cicilan. Paling banyak yang naik bus-bus jemputan tua. Oleh karena itu saat tadi pagi melihat bus tua aku langsung teringat cerita ini.

Bus-bus tua itu terkadang asapnya sudah sangat hitam. Penuh dengan.karyawan pabrik berseragam yang berjejalan di dalamnya. Terkadang secara rasio lebih banyak buruh perempuan dibandingkan laki-laki. Mungkin karena perempuan biasanya lebih telaten. Para buruh perempuan ini diantar oleh kerabat mereka ke tempar pemberhentian bus. Sebab banyak dari para buruh ini yang tinggal di kampung-kampung.

Saat naik angkot untuk berangkat kuliah terkadang aku melihat sekilas wajah-wajah mereka dari balik kaca bus yang dekil. Ada yang ceria.mengobrol dengan temannya. Ada yang tidur karena kelelahan setelah bekerja hingga jam 10 malam hari sebelumnya. Setiap wajah adalah cerita. Setiap orang punya kisah hidup sendiri. Siapa pun kita dan di.mana pun kita sekarang syukur adalah satu-satunya kunci untuk bahagia. Melihat ke bawah terkadang adalah salah satu hal yang bisa menguatkan syukur. Meski bisa.jadi orang yang kita anggap "di bawah" tadi justru jauh lebih bahagia dari kita sebab mereka jauh lebih bersyukur.

PS: I love you

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear wifey - You are you what gou think

Dear bunda,

Manusia itu memang benar-benar dikendalikan oleh pikirannya. Tidak berlebihan memang slogan you are you what you think you are. Makanya banyak buku self development -- termasuk The Magic of Thinking Big yang sedang hubby baca sekarang -- menekankan pentingnya untuk meluruskan asumsi diri kita mengenai diri kita sendiri sebelum berpikir yang lain. Jika kita berpikir negatif tentang diri kita sendiri maka kita benar. Demikian pula saat kita berpikir positif tentang diri kita maka kita juga benar. Jadi kenapa tidak berpikir positif saja?

Runtutan bagaimana pemikiran kita tentang diri kita sendiri kemudian dapat berdampak keluar adalah hal yang sangat logis. Saat kita berpikir positif atau negatif tentang diri sendiri, maka kita akan berlaku dan bersikap menyesuaikan pemikiran itu. Saat berpikir positif kita akan bergerak cepat, berjalan tegak dan berbicara dengan penuh percaya diri. Sehingga orang lain pun akan beraksi positif yang akan lebih mengenhance lagi sikap positif kita. Namun sebaliknya saat berpikir negatif kita pun akan berlaku dan bersikap negatif. Bergerak lelet, jalan menunduk dan bertindak tanduk penuh rasa tidak percaya diri yang akhirnya akan membuat orang lain bereaksi negatif serta membuat kita menjadi merasa lebih negatif lagi.

Jadi mau pilih mana? You are you what you think.

PS: I love you

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dear wifey - Singapore Dream

Dear Bunda,

Tak terasa sudah lebih dari satu tahun kita saling kenal. Sudah hampir 8 bulan kita menikah. Sudah hampir 8 bulan aku di Singapura.

Saat ingat pertama kali dapat job offer oktober tahun lalu, jujur aku takut. Sebagian besar orang akan resitance terhadap transisi. Tapi transisi itulah yang membuat kita berkembang. Aku takut harus berhadapan dengan lingkungan baru. Aku takut bertemu dan berinteraksi dengan orang-orang asing dari kultur yang berbeda. Padahal sebenarnya mimpi ke Singapura adalah salah satu keinginan besar aku sejak lama. Allah baru menjawab saat aku bahkan hampir lupa dan pada waktu yang nampaknya paling tepat.

Aku sampai Singapura hari minggu sore. Supir travel sewaan menjemput aku di airport. Berhubung saat itu bukan pertama kali aku ke Singapura, aku tak terlalu bingung. Sesampai hotel hari minggu sore aku langsung lihat-lihat daerah sekitar. Hotel itu ada di daerah East Coast. Satu hari bahkan aku pernah ikut pengajian di mesjid dekat hotel dan mendapat ramsum gratis.

Tiga hari pertama aku sekamar dengan seorang pria bernama Robert. Awalnya aku kira dia orang bule. Ternyata ia orang India tulen. Meski terkadang orang India banyak omong, tapi spirit mereka untuk menjelajah dunia melalui pekerjaan harus diacungi jempol. Di sebagian besar negara maju pasti ada tenaga kerja India. Katakanlah Singapura, US atau mungkin Eropa.

Senin pagi adalah jadwal orientasi. Aku tak terbayang waktu itu orientasi macam apa yang akan dilakukan. Padahal ternyata itu hanya presentasi singkat HRD tentang ITcan. Aku dan Robert naik taksi dari hotel. Pada presentasi itu ada 4 orang yang hadir.

Setelah orientasi kami pun langsung diminta untuk berangkat ke site masing-masing. Aku langsung berangkat ke Keane dengan taksi sendiri. Tak lama aku sampai di Keane. Aku pun menelepon Sanjay, orang yang diassign menjadi.penghubung ITcan dan Keane. Kelak aku tahu jika orang ini punya karakter yang kurang baik. Aku diminta bertemu dengan manajer aku di Keane, namanya Murugan. Itulah kira-kira hari pertama. Aku langsung diassign cubicle dan diberi laptop Thinkpad baru. Langsung kerja.

Kini tak terasa sudah 8 bulan di Singapura. Tak sabar menanti 18 bulan lagi untuk kembali hidup bersama bunda.

PS: I love you

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dear wifey - Merpati Gendut

Dear Bunda,

Seperti yang pernah aku ceritakan, di Singapura itu banyak sekali burung. Burung yang sebenarnya ya sayang. Bukan burung-burung yang lain. Jenisnya pun bermacam-macam. Mulai dari yang kecil seperti burung gereja. Burung hitam sedang yang aku tak tahu namanya. Burung-burung yang agak besar yang biasanya banyak sekali di Orchard. Hingga yang belakangan menarik perhatianku adalah burung-burung merpati yang gendut yang senang "nongkrong" di dapur restoran india vegetarian.

Salah satu alasan mengapa di Singapura banyak burung, mungkin karena environmentnya yang sangat nyaman. Walau negara kecil tapi di Singapura banyak sekali daerah terbuka hijau. Ada banyak taman, reservoir hingga bahkan hutan kota. Saat kuliah ada salah satu dosenku yang juga punya jabatan di SMA labschool. Dia bercerita guru-guru labschool senang pergi ke Singapura untuk mencari oksigen segar. Kami semua waktu itu terkagum-kagum betapa tajirnya sekaligus lebaynya guru-guru labschool mencari oksigen. Walau memang setelah melihat banyak burung di sini asumsi dan sudut pandang guru-guru tersebut tidak seratus persen salah.

Salah satu kawanan burung yang menarik perhatianku belakangan ini adalah sekelompok merpati gendut yang senang berkumpul di belakang restoran India vegetarian. Aku juga tak tahu apa yang mereka lakukan di situ. Bahkan seringkali merpati-merpati gendut itu hingga masuk ke dalam dapur. Tanpa takut manusia di sekitar mereka.

Bicara merpati, burung ini adalah salah satu burung yang cukup cerdas. Burung ini bisa mengingat arah. Oleh karena itu jaman dulu orang sering.menggunakan merpati untuk berkirim surat. Dari kekasih pada kekasihnya. Di Novel Padang Bulan dan Cinta Dalam Gelas, Ikal bertukar pesan dengab detektif amatir sahabatnya.menggunakan merpati. Padahal rumah mereka bersebelahan.

Pagi ini tiba-tiba muncul ide liar di otak aku. "Le wild idea appeared". Aku ingin pinjam satu ekor merpati yang paling gendut lalu meminta si dudut itu untuk membawakan print cetak dari email ini ke Haus L lantai 4 ke kamar bunda di Ilmenau Jerman. Tapi berhubung merpatinya terlalu gendut aku tak yakin ia bahkkn cukup kuat untuk terbang keluar dari Singapura. Sementara biarkan gmail yang mengirimkan surat cinta ini kepada bunda.

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