Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear wifey - To be or not to be a stupid

Dear Bunda,

This morning I just want to say that I really love you. I always want to spent rest of my life and there after with you. It is so peaceful when seeing you sleep so comfortly. It is so warm when you always talk to me so softly. It is always cheerful when you often make a joke with your rich expressions and gestures. We will never know exactly, about how it will be after now, where will be heading, what obstacles that might exist in our life. But I always want to walk and run with you. There is no guarantee for smooth-life-without-problem-at-all. But just believe that every challenge in our life must be always improve us. Just remember whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Or in Super Mario Bross term, whatever doen't kill you will only make you smaller. ;)

In last days, I often make some mental rehearsal for about 1 year forward. I will finish my first year contract and suspend for about 2 months (I never think to be employeer for too long). At that time we will go Umrah together and directly go for some vagabonding for several weeks. Visiting some countries in Middle East, North Africa, West Europe and end in East Europe (Moskow maybe?). After that travel you will back for finishing your small remaining study and for me hopefully confidently finaly can got a scholarship. Then later we will start live together in most beautiful place on earth (actually with you every place is beautiful, every food is delicious, every odor is fragrance). Living together make write the checklist while we one by one reaching our dreamlist from our dream book.

We will never know until trying. Rather sound stupid in life rather than to be stupid by not taking action. The first action will be dreaming that for sure have to be followed by real action.

PS: I love you

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