Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear wifey - Setahun Kemarin

Dear Bunda,

Today, exactly 1 year ago we was somewhere in a place name de hoek. Still remember exactly quite detail all of that moment. We are looking some food first if I am not mistake it bebek slamet. But since it closed we moved to another place. That restaurant that perhaps I will remember forever.

I don't understand woman exactly as man also don't understand himself exactly. I don't remember whent it was started, but my interest with you grow so fast since the first time we met. Of course I did some research to justify my decission. Decession to propose you in informal way. I started from your facebook. I started from your twitter. I analyzed our way to communicate. Messenger, SMS, etc. It still a gift for me to have opportunity to close with you in very short time. After some deep consideration then I decide to talk about I feel about you. Previously, I thought woman can detect when a guy have some feeling with her. Especially man usually will act the girl very proper when he fall in love. That's why, maybe that time I still don't understand woman exactly. Then at the time I talk to you, I never thought it will make you very surprised.

What I remember about taking 29 July 2011 as the date of revealing my feeling to you is I don't want to hide it too long. Also 2 days before Ramadhan will be quite memorable. Even though Ramadhan will always move sooner year by year, at least I can still remember that I propose you in informal way 2 days before Ramadhan. I don't have any script to talk at that time. I just pour my feeling to you that evening. Without artificial dialog. Everything is coming from my heart. Never expect anything in return. Just want to share what I feel. That's all.

And as the time goes by, like one of my favorite meme little bit I modify, everything went better and much better as expected. But of course we have to work out many things for our ideal life. Saving much money. Learning as much as we can in any field of our interest. We also have to keep our life harmonious. From young, till old. I always want to be with you. Happy aniversary for my informal proposal.

PS: I love you

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