Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear wifey - Teacher Story

Dear Bunda,

Teacher has significant impact to interest development of their student. Boring teacher will teach with boring way which at the end will make student boring as well. Passionate teacher will teach with full of passion which at the end will transmit the passion to student too.

I falling in love with Mathematics since I was in junior high school. It began on my 2nd grade when I taught with a Christian teacher named Pak Tri. I don't remember exactly what that made me so falling in love with Math by his teaching method. Actually at first grade I was teach by a muslim woman teacher. Her name is Ibu Turenih. I thought she must be ex activist in her university. Because her hijab was very long. She is very nice and kind. But my interset with Math only began after Pak Tri teach me.

At another lesson is Physics. We first interact Physics in junior high school isn't it? The great teacher that teach me at that time was Pak Sahroni. He also OSIS counselor. When he teach he present full of all passion that he had. So then many of student, include me really want to impress him by studying and finishing assignment as be as we can.

At the other side there was another teacher in 180 degree. His name Pak Cirrus Simanjuntak. Can you guess from where he come right? The most negative attitude of this teacher is he like slapping student when student cannot answer or made a mistake. He teach math as well. Alhamdulillah I never teach by him. One interesting story, when we on the 3rd grade Pak Cirrus died suddenly. Some of the student said he died because drunk and eat dog (some batak people love to eat dog). Very ironic in situation there are so numerous people love when you die. Naudzubillah.

Anyway, my break time was run out. Will share another story next time.

PS: I love you

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