Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear wifey - China Dream Story

Dear Bunda,

Since long time ago I always want to travel around the world. Actually it quite funny when I mentioned love to travel but technically almost never traveling.

I just really enjoy to see beautiful scenary. Beach, mountain, green savana, cute animal (like Yaq the one we saw in Wikipedia this morning which you refer as me) and nice people. By traveling we can gain a lot of advantages. New experiences, new perspectives, new friends or for most of people new photos on facebook or for travel blogger (the one that I wanted to be) new nice blog post.

One of destination that appear in my mind is China. Actually China is not the safest place to visit. But this big countries has so many temptation. First thing first people will think about great wall. Can you imagine it has length of 20.000 Km. I even wonder for such length where usually tourist go? My other interest in China is their people. Especially Islam life in China. I just realize that there are quite many muslim in china. Of course overall china has so many citizens. Small portion of that many citizens will be still quite large.

There are some challenges for this plan. First is significant language barrier. Mandarin is not easy language to learn. Second is about safety. We also have to remember, streotypically chinese is not typical of kind and polite person. I also understand that I am a person who too lazy to make social interraction moreover to strangers. That's why this willing to travel to meet new people is my way to learn to tackle this defficiency. But fortunately I am very lucky to have you as wife. Because in our travel I can poke you while push you softly if we have to ask something or direction to other people :p.

Speaking about chinese again, currently I interest to one person. His name is Robin Li. I knew him after reading some books of google history. He is very smart person. PhD from University of Bufallo in US. He is one important person search engine technology history. He was one of person that take Larry Page and Sergey Brin interest at the time of Google inception. It is because Robin is also expert in Information Retrieval (part of Computer Science hat study about... Information Retrieval). But the great thing about great people is instead of considering small offer, they prefer to make breakthrough for something he has passion about. Robin never consider Google's offer but prefer to go back to China and later he decided to build a company which later turned into a giant internet corporation in China. It is Baidu. Baidu is unbeatable in China even by Google.

Smart people always inspiring. That's why how hard it seen I always want to pursue my PhD one day. I always want to learn and improve. Read books, join interesting courses, take GRE, keep chasing scholarship even though will make me face some dissapointment on the way. I want to be a better person who never stop sharpen his saw like said by covey.

Btw my mail become derailed. Hehe. At least my brainstorm about traveling to China give some good insight and motivation to myself this morning. Hopefully my perpetual dream will not bother you my lovely wife.

PS: I love you

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