Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear wifey - Surabaya First Time 2

Dear Bunda,

This is continuing my previous story.

In one day, one of my best friend accompany me to Gambir train station. We go there use his old motorbike. I need to bought train ticket that time. Argo Anggrek train. I've almost never go to train station before. For more than 6 years I have live in Jakarta, since I was studying in university until I was working, less than 5 times I use train. I remember only 3 times. First when I try to use KRL to Bogor. Second when I travel home from Pasar Minggu via Kalibata and then to Jonggol after I visited my friend. The third time is when I went to Surabaya. That was my first visit to Surabaya. That was my longest travel with train.

It was ramadhan. After breakfasting in 404 room (this was my basecamp in campuss, later I will share some story about it), 4th floor of Electrical Engineering department, I prepared to leave. That time I didn't have any luggage. What I had only one old travel bag. That Time, Eka, the best mate who was accompanying me buy ticket, accompanied me again to Gambir, also still with his old motorcycle. I hold my quite heavy travel bag and lended laptop while he drove slowly to Gambir from Rawamangun.

At the time we arrived at station, the train already there. Eka even accompany me until inside the train. The train finally departed. I was sitting beside some about 30 years old guy. We talked little bit before finally I fall asleep. At about 3 AM, train officer moved around the train offering some food for passenger. I woke up, but since I thought it will be costly to buy food there, I decided just sahur with some bread that I have bought yesterday before. After sahur and sholat on my seat I fall slept again.

I woke up again around six. Already in East Java. I always love Indonesian nature scenary. At the time I woke up outside a train was very wide rice field view. So beautiful. That morning a lot people there seen start their activity. The children went to school. The father went to work. The mother went to market. Very busy, but so beautiful. Then after about 10 hours travel finally my train arrive at Pasar Turi. My other best friend, Werlen Tigor, pick up me at the train station.

Let's continue the story on my second letter, later today. :)

PS: I love you

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