Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear wifey - Legacy of habits

Deae Bunda,

This morning you will get an honor to be the first person who read my speech script. :p. My speech title is.Inherintance of Habit.

Start script.

Dear fellow speechcrafter, congratulation, today I will share you very valuable inheritance from veey wealth person. Not money but more valuable. This is inheritance of habits from the guy who just passed away few days back Stephen Covey. This is inherintance of habits. Seven habit of highly effective people.

Covey was said. Habit is an intersection of what to do, how to do it and wanted to do it. What to do we call knowledge. For how to do it we call skill. And for wanted to do it we call desire. I will just share this inheritance for about what to do and how to do. You have full right to raise your own desire to act upon this inheritance.

Let start from the first. Be proactive. Our life is our responsibility either our success and failure. It is the best to never blame anyone as grown up people. This is the most important legacy. Other 6 inheritances will depend to this.

Second is first think first. Wise with prioritizing. Distinguish which one is important which one is urgent and which one is not important and not urgent. Watch out. Procrastination is your big enemy.

Third is beginning with the end. In every achievement there are always two phases of creation. Create in our mind and later physical creation. The first sometime known as mental rehearsal. Mental rehearsel have many advantages. By doing this mkst time we are pretending already achieve the think that we wanted to. It will help to motivate us and give more focus in executing chasing the thing that we really wanted.

Fourth is understand before to be understood.

Fifth is think win win. Not win lose. In most interraction in our life we always try to find mutual advantage.

Sixth is synergize. We are social creatures which can achieve big thing easier when colaborate with others. For example if we want to improve or learn public speaking just join toastmaster and synergyze with other member.

Seventh inheritance is sharping your saw. Do a lot reading attend albguage courses and try any new interesting thing to do.

In conclussion I want to mention one nice quotes.

Watch your thoughts because it will become your words Watch your words because it will become your action Watch your action because it will become your habit Watch your habit because it will become your character Watch your character because it will become your destiny

End script.

Btw goods speech should not by reading script. This script will be a guidance only to make me easier to find important point to deliver.

PS: I love you

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