Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear wifey - Sleep

Dear Bunda,

With some exaggeration, it feel so fainful when we have to against a willing to sleep more. Even though at the other side, it is exactly uncomfort as well when we sleep too much. We can feel this example on a weekend. Our bed feel like a heaven. It seems only because factually the more we sleep the more our energy is drained by oversleeping. But still, when weekdays is coming I always miss so much to meet next weekend when I can oversleep again.

In second grade of my highschool, my class was started on PM time. About 12.30 PM to 5 PM. It is because AM time was used by 1st and 3nd grade. This split was needed because classrooms in my highschool could not acomodate so many student that they had. So in second grade my favorite routinity was sleep again after shubuh. It was undescriptable pleasure and tired also.

In unuversity I have to leave enjoyment of have nearby school. I have to commute to Jakarta for every working day. Then I started to enjoy to sleep on the way. At angkot and at bus. Not perfect sleep but it was to temting to ignore.

At the end, the funny will be that our thirst of sleep can be paid as much as we want at the time we sleep forever. At least before resurrection day. Whenever it come hopefully at the time we ready.

PS: I love u

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