Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dear wifey - Music of My Life 2

Dear Bunda,

Let's continue our story about my music exposure. In university, my music preference was not change so much. In that stage became more and more falling in love with alternative music. In second semester after listened in radio I started to like one of Danish band called Mew. Their music was very weird. But it was one of the reason that distinguish them from crowd. Since now sometime I still listening their albums.

One of the biggest new music preference in university was my interest with JRock genre. It started from one show in MTV trax radio which called MTV Iro-Iro. That was one hour show full of japan music, usualy JRock or sometime JPop as well. At that time one of the greatest japanese song (for me) was played frequently in MTV trax, even outside MTV iro-iro hour. The song title is Flower by L'arc en Ciel. Since that time I became die hard L'arc en Ciel fans again. Like usual I started to buy all of their album. Beside Flower one of favorite was White Feather, one of their longest song almost 9 minutes.

In university also mp3 became more common. After saving teaching fee for some moment I have enought money to buy my first thumb mp3 player. The price about 400.000 to 500.000 IDR, quite expensive at that time and at my earning level. That money only afford 256MB or 128MB (I forgot exactly) storage only which just can keep not more than 30 songs. But still such specification quite luxurios at that time. Especially my mp3 player can play FM-Radio, record sound and have running lyric feature (but we have to type the lyric manually).

After graduated from university and start working, my music preference don't change too much. Actually I am a typical person who love listening one type music or even one song again and again. Sometime my song playlist will be unchanged within several several weeks or months. At beginning time I join NFS Hamid gave me one folder consist several best songs of Dream Theater. I was hearing that for several time and quite enjoy it. Until the time Mas Rudi leave NFS only that I can very new music preference. In Mas Rudi laptop I found one interesting mp3 files. I has size more than 200MB. One kind of song could have so big size, I was questioning myself. After I heard it is actually a kind of compilation. It was State of Trance episodes 404. One of the best episode I've ever heard. It is dance music. Club music. It is trance music.

Since that time I became trance lover. At first time I came to Singapore I've ever think to attend zokout event. It was a dance music festival which one of featuring artist was Armin van Buuren. Also until this time I've never go to any club and don't have any plan to do so. But by using good headphone, trance music is always nice to enjoy at any place and time.

PS: I love you

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