Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dear wifey - Ramadhan Appetizer

Dear Bunda,

In couple of days we will welcome Ramadhan again. Time move so fast isn't it? I feel like just yesterday, some of the first weeks after first time we've met. Do you still remember as well that I was proposing you about 3 days before ramadhan. Keep unanswered until several weeks after. ;)

Welcoming Ramadhan always give us nice feeling. Family gathering, breakfasting, great food and when we were child, at the end of Ramadhan we will got new clothes and few of extra money from families. The things little bit changes now. We cannot expect to get another ang pao or new clothes because we already arrive at the moment to give and not to receive.

Ramadhan means great food. Sweet, ice and sometime eat until you drop. My favorite breakfasting drink, hasn't chage since long time a go. Ice tea. Actually very sweet ice tea. In health conscious actually that is not too health. My biology teacher in high school was told me, better drink in breakfasting should be somethink warm. Hot tea for example. But the suggestion never absorbed to my heart. Hot tea still the best. Because easy to make and easy to find. If lucky enough my other favorite drink is Sirup Marjan. The best sirup in the world. I forgot the flavour, but the color is red. My favorite appetizer is common with other people. That is kolak. Sometime my mom make bubur kacang and the other time bubur ketan hitam. Both of those also great for opening before main menu. I forgot, before kolak, sometime I eat date fruit as well. Sunnah isn't it? :)

After opening menu usually will break from eat. Sometime if I am not too lazy I will go to mosque. Later after praying we will go to main menu of breakfasting. Btw, writing this letter make me hungry so much. ;)

Let continue for another episodes in welcoming ramadhan at the next mail.

PS: I love you

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