Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear wifey - Surabaya first time

Dear Bunda,

Several week before Ramadhan few years back on 2006 there was an interesting poster in my university. The poster announced one contest. Mobile Communication Software Development contest. Wow it sounds so sophisticated. Several days from that I brainstormed with myself. Sometime when I walked, only my body was there. My mind was flying here and there try to think nice idea for the contest. A few days later, le wild idea appeared :p. After browsed a book in library I got one concept. SMS gateway for praying schedule.

I wrote the proposal and sent it to comitte in Surabaya. Within few weeks the announcement was released. My proposal was selected as one out of 10 finalist. Then I have to work my proposal.

Sometime in really focus condition I can work so fast without affected to any distraction. I can wrote the first prototype within few days only. That project is first time when I use Java. I still cannot imagine how I can finish that in condition of I still learn to use Java. Finally less than one month the system was done.

Since I was studying in state university, their beuracrathic (this.must be wrong spelling for sure and I am too lazy to lookup dictionary) most time was annoying. I don't have any fund to go to Surabaya for presenting my idea. After little bit struggle I can get very limitted funding only few days before I go to Surabaya.

To be continued...

PS: I love you

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