Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear wifey - The Contest

Dear Bunda,

I just want to share one short story even mostly you have heard this as well. One time in one kingdom the king make a contest. The award will be married with king's daughter or will get a lot of money. But the contest detail was not announced until the day.

So the day finally come. In one evening a lot of men come to the yard of the palace. Most of them tall and have giant body and of course look intrepid. The king then gather the audiences in center of the yard while the king himself and his daughtar wait in one side of the corner. Between audiences and king is separated with large pool. Most of audiences waiting in the side of the pool while the king then make announcement. "Between middle of yard and me there is large pool. The pool is full of crocodile, predator fish, scorpion and any vicous creatures ever live. Anyone who can swim accross the poll and reach me here can get the award."

It was some silent for a moment. Until suddenly everyone hear on big sound of plunge. Someone splashed into a pool. Immediately all the wild creatures approaching that brave guy. With very high skill swim, the guy move so fast and zig zag avoiding all that creepy animals until finally he can arrive at the end side of the pull and jump out directly to the side of the king while then take deep up and down breath so fast. Everyone suddenly startled and all become quite. That guy is very small. Short and thin man.

"Wonderful young man congratulation" said the king, when at the same time most of the audiences seem dissapointed by not acting fast like that young little man. "So what that you want?" Ask the king to the man to chose prize.

While still fast breath the young man said very loud "I want to know, who had pushed me to the pool!!??"

Moral of the story is how hard something for us will be harder if we just considering without acting directly. The easiest way is just plunge to the water, sometime wonderful thing happen and we can achieve that difficult thing. Of course we have to do same preparation. But over preparation will only piling up doubt feeling in our heart. Just plunge to the water and swim fast. Second moral from the story is act as fast as we can, before anyone take the opportunities.

PS: I love you

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