Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear wifey - Fog Story

Dear Bunda,

Today suddenly thinking about Kintamani, one of plateu in Bali. This was one of the best place in Bali for me. I always like mountain. Cool atmosphere, nice view and fog. One of the famous point of interest in here is Pura it side of Batur Lake. The view at that place is very gergous. Wind blow very hard when we stand at side of lake. The lake itself is surounded by mountain. Most of time the fog will cover the air. At the time I visited there when I had to go back to Denpasar, fog was so thick even my sight from car only 2 or 3 meters forward. Before going back to city I stop in one nice mosque near Kintamani. The mosque ablution was so dark without light because that time the mosque was in renovation. To to mosque we have to walk through high stairs and park the car beside the road. The fog covered almost everything that evening.

When fog is surrounding, sometime it remind me to one of old game that I have played. Silent Hill. Actually I am a typical person that easy to fear. But playing horror game sometime always attract my curiousity. Silent Hill is the story of man who searching his lost daughter in a city named... Silent Hill. The fog always cover the city. In searching process the man haunted by many mistique creatures. Then recently I just played same genre game, Alan Wake. When weird creatures (they named it as The Takens) will appear in game fog will come surround. It means time for me to run with increased heartbeat.

Let's leave the game for a while. One of other place that often covered by fog is Puncak. It was a time when I was riding my bike to go home from Bandung at that time. Actually from Bandung there is a alternative road that connect directly to Jonggol. But after evening the road will so quiet because not too many vehicle passed. In that situation it will be better to go via Puncak. That time is about 10 PM. When approaching puncak pas fog become thicker and thicker and I almost couldn't see anything in front of me. I even have to open my helmet glass because the fog that hit it melting in that glass make me cannot see anything. There was a funny story. I stop by in Puncak pass to take rest a while. The best think to eat at that temperature was something warm. Fortunately a Sekoteng seller was standby. I sit in side of fence that guard that area from deep cliff below. I can see so beautiful light from far away down below. The weather so cold even my breath turn into a smoke. Suddenly le wird man appear. Puncak style to the max. Wearing sarong in his body, thick clothing, sweater and kupluk in his head. "Villa villa kang?" He ask me. Even before I respond he continue. "Nanti saya carikan ceweknya juga kalau mau. Tinggal pilih. Mau lokal mau arab juga ada" He continue make me little bit shock and laugh inside. No need to take too long time I decided to leave that place after paid sekoteng. Heading home while still little bit laugh inside.

So that was some story about fog.

PS: I love you

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