Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear wifey - First job

Dear Bunda,

I want to share story about my first job. Studying in mid low university gave me some different experience. Most of my colleagues and me have difficulties in funding our study. So we have to do many things. One of it is finding job. There are some of my friends who work in McDonalds. Some other friends create some training and publish it in annoncement board to gain participant. For me I decice to take easier path, teaching.

I decided to apply to Nurul Fikri. I have to send the application with all required documents. Even they ask for candidate to wrote application letter by hand. No need to wait too long I was called for interview.

I forgot the interviewer name. But that guy is one of only two staff of Nurul Fikri private teacher provider. At that time he use sunglasses while interviewing me. He was eyes aches. I was quite nervous because that was my first interview. He ask many things. Am I smooking, am I drinking which for sure I answered no for all of that. In one moment he ask me to mention 10 of my strengths and weakness which I was very confuse to give full listing.

After interview then next move to teaching demo. We simulate learning environment with the interviewer pretend to be student and I was as a teacher. I pick Newton Law topic at that time. With feeling unsatisfied I went home that day. Few days later I received call and got the job. Freelance job actually. I got 25.000 per 90 minutes teaching. If I can teach 3 times per week then I can have 12 times per month multiply 25.000 equals to 300.000. Not very big but it feel like a fresh air. Even there was a time when I teach for nore than 5 session per week. Sacrificing time to hangout with friend after class and make me have to go home very late. One time I have to walk about 30 minutes from student home because it was already 9.30 night and no more metro mini. I stayed with that teaching career until 2010 after I think O have decent salary. Somehow sometime I miss that moment.

PS: I love you

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