Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear wifey - Beautiful Ocean Creature

Dear Bunda,

I forgot whether have shared this story or not. In one fine morning when I was sailling with KRI Tanjung Dalpele I usually go to some nice corner of that very big ship. Sometime go to front area and sometime go to back area. Sometime go to the top floor and later I will go to bottom floor. That morning I went to front area of the ship. Most people were still sleeping. Maybe because I think it was still about 6 AM in the morning.

I was enjoying very beautiful scenary that time while ship moving forward so fast. Suddenly at bottom in front of ship came one wild creature. No need too much time came another one. Then came again and again. Almost ten. Then it started to and swimmed forward together with ship. That creatures are a group of dolphins. So beautiful. That was a first time I saw such beautiful creature in their habitat. They swimmed like try to race with some for sometime and I was really enjoying that experience. I had read that sometime dolphin like to act like that. Dolphin enjoy to swim between ship. Even there were skme story dolhin which save sinked person.

Like my yesterday email I am typical.person who like nature so much. I like mountain and I like ocean. Can't wait to go to some beautiful place together. Maldives maybe? Or go sailing with cruise ship? That will be great.

PS: I love you

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