Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear wifey - AIP/PLAP

Dear Bunda,

The name of compleks area which I was staying is AIP/PLAP. AIP stand for Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran and PLAP I don't remember exactly but the first P and L stand for Pendidikan dan Latihan. That housing is intended for sailor or teacher in that academy. Now the academy has moded to North Jakarta in Marunda. It previous place was at Gunung Sahari. Exactly at where Mangga 2 Square stand now. Exactly beside Ciliwung river.

The facilities of compleks was very complete. Including sport facility which consist international size soccer field include tribune for spectator, One big swimming pool compleks and several tennis courts. Also there was one elementary school which I was studied there from 2nd to 4th grade SD Barunawati 1. Beside that there was also one playground which was one of my favorite to play.

The housings are divided into 4 area. The first third area is one row housing consist about 15 houses (if I am not mistake). We called it as Flat A, Flat B and Flat C. They are located in back area of compleks adjacent to academy. Have I told you that this academy aim is to prepare human resource to be civil sailor?

The first 3 flats is prepared for sailor and teacher like I have said. The one remaining are is Block D. Please notice we use Block and not Flat because in Block D consist more houses compared to Flat A, B and C. Block D is intended for non academy staff member. As I was children I see flats resident is richer people compared to Block D resident.

Let's continue the story at next mail. Btw I realize there are maybe so many grammar mistake and typos exists.

PS: I love you

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