Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear wifey - Surabay First Time 3

Dear bunda,

Tigor is pure Suroboyo guy. I met him in Pelayaran Kebangsaan V 2005. He was one of my roomate. He is nice guy. He love to sing. I think because he is Christian and sing often in his Church.

He already wait out of Pasar Turi station when I arrived there. I thought he will pick me up again with his car. But another friend with old motorbike again. Hehe. The travel time from station to his house was about 30 minutes. He invited me to visit his house first. I didn't remember exactly in which are it was.

Along the way until I arrived at his house he talk a lot. He was storying about some of his family member which also muslim.

When we arrived at his house her bude was at home. Her bude offer me to breakfast. I refused politely because I still fasting. Me and Tigor talk a lot in his house. Until after mid-day I asked permission to leave. Because briefing for the event will happen that evening. Again Tigor escorted me to the place. ITS sukolilo. It was also about 30 minutes from his house. I passed several places. The one that I remembered was Universitas Airlangga.

Finally I arrived venue. Several participant already there. I keep in touch with some of them until now. One of them was Ronald. Later I know that Ronald is Defindal campuss mate which also friend of Andresta the guy who I met at last year kominfo scholarship interview. Ronald was from IT ITB. Later Ronald worked in Microsoft Jakarta and then moved to Gemalto in Singapore.

I think that's all the story for now. Hopefully I can share some more good story again later.

PS: I love you

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