Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear wifey - Fasting When we were children

Dear Bunda,

When we were children fasting was very challenging. Most of children will go through fasting education by using half day approach first. Then at he grow up the child will be ask to adjust to fasting for full day. I didn't remember exactly when I start fasting. But memory that retain in my mind was start from when I live in Jakarta.

In Jakarta, Matuo and Patuo had a maid. Even she still worked at maid until now. I think the maid already work for them more than 40 years. Her name is Mba Iti. So all household tasks is handled by her. Except for cooking food. Sometime so will cook. But sometime matuo will cook as well. So every breakfast and sahur food will always be there. By the way, in matuo family, they don't have daughter. So all family member are man except matuo itself. At the time matuo not at home, or when she was sick, so no one cook. In Ramadhan I will be woken up by Patuo and 5 of us (Patua and his three son plus me) will go outside for sahur. The only place that we always went again and again is one Padang restaurant outside our house complex. I still remember the restaurant name Restoran Surya. We never get bored since perhaps, padang food is part of our sould ;).

We will go there using patuo hartop. The official name for toyota hartop actually is Toyota Land Cruiser. Hartop is unofficial name that widely use in Indonesia. It is Jeep. Large jeep (maybe because when I was childreen I was so small). No power steering and very not fuel efficient. Anywhere we went at that time I will be always sit in back cabin. Seat configuration in back cabin is not facing forward but facing side and only accomodate one adult per side or one adult and one children or three childreen. Actually the family have other car. Uda Yose had Mitsubishi Lancer and Uda Didi had old Isuzu Panther. But since mostly I went outside with Patuo and Matuo I will ride Hartop.

Let's back to Surya Restaurant. Their family have a long habit to chit chat along eating and after eating. You knew right after we go there and they talk so many things. Same case after sahur. We will talk for a moment. Guys club only. Then after imsak we will went back to home. Btw the restaurant itself is exactly in opposited side of street from compleks housing. It only about 5 to 10 minutes by car. At that time I allowed to fasting half day only. So after go home from school, my breakfast food already in table. Very large portions of rice with meat and vegetable.

That's all for now.

PS: I love you

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