Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dear wifey - Ramadhan, Mie Ayam and Rujak

Dear Bunda,

Today already 7th day of Ramadhan (8th day in your case). Time move so fast isn't it?

Beside romansa shubuh and also the memory of sahur in Surya Restaurant there are still so many thing that come into my mind when thingking about Ramadhan. One of it is hunting food after Tarawih. We are blessed to be born on country that so rich with food. Although cursed at the same time by so many ridicolous people who live in there as well.

After finished Taraweh in mosque usually I would hang out a moment in mosque with other people. Just laughing and do small talk. Some of them also drink their coffee. Some of people also recite quran inside mosque. After I think enough hanging out, I will go home, but will stop by in mie ayam stall near mosque. Ramadhan often boosts income for most seller, especially food seller. Include mie ayam and es campur seller near the mosque. The mie ayam that they sell actually is very ordinary. Even we only can find less chicken in that mie ayam. Most of the pieces that we thought as chicken actually cutting of raw papaya that is mixed with chicken with proportion 80percent raw papaya and 20percent chicken. Very logical since he sell mie ayam very cheap to adjust with consumer level in that area. But anyway the food was so great. Maybe also because in Ramadhan most people appetite increase significant. Mie ayam + a lot of red sauce + kerupuk kulit + es campur as closing = hard to describe of pleasure.

I have know for long time the mie ayam seller. I forgot his name, but I first knew him when I was in Elementary school near central of Jonggol city, near alun-alun. At that time he sell rujak. One of my favorite. Usually I will buy combination of bengkuang, pinnaple, rose apple and the most important is watermelon. All of it then will be poured by melted red sugar sauce.

In corelation of this I remember a scene in my childhold. "I have a riddle. Please mention minimum 20 kinds of fruit within 3 second!" Ask me. Some of my friend start mentioning all fruits that he can remember. But he only can mention up to 3 fruits as well.

And other smart pals try to answer. "Please mention minimum 20 kinds of fruit within 3 second!" I repeat.

With confident he answer. "RUJAK!" within one second only.

Talking about fruit make my saliva stimulated this afternoon. Oh still some hours to breakfasting. Happy fasting dear.

PS: I love you

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