Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear wifey - Romansa Subuh Ramadan

Dear Bunda,

Finally Ramadan come. Little bit feel different because this is our first ramadan abroad. At the same time our first ramadan as husband and wife. Our first ramadan we live at separate place. Very far distance away.

Same like most other secular country, in Singapore adzan is prohibited to be announced to public. So most of time there will be no Sahur notification no loud adzan maghrib. For the first day and even the first night yesterday I cannot feel any nuance for ramadan here. I supposed to go taraweh to mosque last night. If I did that maybe I will find some nuance. Unfortunately I was little bit too lazy. I hope will have same good motivation tonight.

Outside mosque everything all the same like usual day. Food court seems open as free as they can. In office also no different. I think. Because I haven't see all of those since today only the first ramadan. I miss the moment ramadan celebration in our country. In Indonesia Islam has more impact to more than faith in religion but already blended into our daily culture as well. Welcoming ramadan will make tradiotional market so crowded (maybe apply to modern market too) with so many people especially women shop for ramadan preparation. Fruit, meat, and all ingridients. In ramadan usually there will be some new food stall that open. Fruit soup or fruit ice seller will increase. Many people take ramadan oportunity for trading. For me it is very legitimate and also helpful most time, because we can find more variety of food.

Some routine activities that often we did when we was child was keliling kampung after subuh. After praying at mosque, young people, boys and girls, especially teenager like to walk around the town. We can see maybe hundreed in morning. We even introduce one interesting term, romansa subuh, because sometime boys and girls will walk for their own groups. When boys group pass girls group usually some boys will try to impress the girls. Hoping will got a girlfriend after lebaran. Of course we only tease each other without any bad motivation. After hike around the town we will go home around seven and sleep almost along the day. There was a time in our childhood when school is holiday during ramadan right?

Let's share some another story in different email. Happy ramadan my dear.

PS: I love you

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