Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear wifey - Pouring Milk

Dear bunda,

It was one fine day when we stayed in our small hut. I was about 6 years old. Actually I already admitted to one elementary school. But that day everything changed little bit. Patuo and Matuo came to our hut. They decided to bring me with them. They hoped would help little bit our family situation. So I cancelled to study at SD Negeri Jonggol 1. But instead registered to SD Barunawati 1, an elementary school inside their house complex in Jakarta. Honestly like everyone else I don't like to stay with relative like that. Patuo and matuo are very nice person. But I just sad cannot stay with my family only because we don't have enough money.

Patua really love Toyota Hartop. That car also which I ride from Jonggol to Jakarta that time. Big car for me since I was so little that time. Technically no power steering and very not gas efficient. Later when I start to live in Jakarta that green hartop always bring me to any place that family go when I was invited.

All the time even although they applied very strict discipline but they always caring me so much. They always make sure I hope proper food. They will ask their house maid to prepare meal in dining table with very much portion. Somehow I didn't remember how I can eat all of that.

Every morning they also ask maid to make milk for me. You already know that my body most time refuse milk with strong feeling to throw up. But I cannot do anything. I just try drink all of it very fast and then drink a lot of water. Funny thing was when they were not around at breakfast time. I will silently poured all of my milk to washer basin and later I pretend have finished drink all of it. Until this time they never know with what I've doin.

Let's continue another story at next email.

PS: I love you

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