Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear wifey - Story about fireflies and tadpoles

Dear Bunda,

Have you ever seeing firefly and tadpole? I have but it quite sometime ago. One of the moment that I remember was when I live in Jakarta again, when I was children.

If I am not mistake, our house number is C4. In front of house was a car garage. Behind car garage was soccer field. Very large soccer field which very dark in the night. At that time quite often I saw firefly. Beautiful flying up and down. Sometime I just went outside from home and walk to that soccer field and run trying to catch one. One time my friend said, firefly is nail of devil. Be careful he said. I don't care anyway. If I can get one, I put inside plastic bag. Never put it too long because I won't make it suffer or kill it. So usually I release again after enjoy play with it and let it went back with it groups.

Other days specially and rain season, our complex often get flood. I think this is most likely happen because the complex exactly at side of Ciliwung river. Also fast development around the area make not much places for natural water absorption. I have some hobby in rain season at that time. Collecting frog babies. I see in dictionary it is Tadpole in English. For sure I will not do that now. It must be disgusted. But don't know why I enjoy play with them when I was children.

After rain at the day sometime I go outside of house. Like usual it was flood. Sometime only as high as my ankle but sometime the water will be as high as my knee. I will go to same place like seeing firefly, go to soccer field which is also sunken by water. But this time I will bring one old unused tin cracker. Tin cracker like we often see in warung-warung. It has square shape and round lid and the interesting poin it has glass in front of it. So we can see cracker inside the tin. My idea was I will put tadpole inside tin cracker so it will become tadpole aquarium. :)

So with tin cracker and one plastic bag I start hunting after rain to the soccer field. Children almost never fear anything. For sure I will never do that again now. It can many creatures in flood area like that. Snail, wild fish or maybe snake. But no fear at all at that time. First I will walk around side of soccer field try to find area where tadpole usually come together. After I found I just collect them use my plastic bag. Sometime they will run away here and there. But not too difficult to catch some. After I got some I will put inside tin cracker which already filled with water before. After I think enough, I will went home. I left the tin cracker in one corner are of soccer field. Most of time there will be nobody bother it.

Few days later I will go back and saw my baby tadpoles already grow into small frog. Usually I just release all of them to the sewer. If I remember it sometime feel so ridiculous. But childhood with all of this adventurous was always beautiful.

PS: I love you

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