This blog is the story of me and my wife written like a letter narrated way because email was its original form.

Historically, I met my wife on mid of 2011. Few months later the same year, I got job in Singapore. On December 2011 we decide to get married even though we just got to know each other in less than 6 months and we had to live as a long distance couple between Singapore and Jakarta and then Singapore and Germany. On March 2012, my wife flew to Germany for her post graduate study. At that time we had more more distance than before. I decided to write one letter everyday to her since then.

Clearly enough, this idea inspired a lot from this movie and this movie. In fact is it difficult to consistently write everyday so that there will be some holes in some days. Recently, I thought why don't just rewrite the letter in this blog, so it well become our memorial site that we will always remember. Then I will plan to translate some letters in Indonesian (most early emails) to English and make several correction (mostly typos because most of the email was typed using smartphone). Hopefully the language and grammar will be not that bad. 

I reference myself as hubby and I call my wife as wifey. I use dear wifey as a blog name because I use that "Dear Wifey" as prefix of every mail subject that I have sent to her.

We reunited again on January 2014. I flew to Germany then we went for 1 month euro trip at that time. On end of March 2014 we returned to Singapore. Now we are very happy to stay together again, for now in Singapore, but we never know what future will bring to us.

My personal home page is here and I have other personal blogs in english and an old not really active blog in bahasa.

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