Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dear wifey - PS I Love You

Dear Bunda,

This several days I tried to understand about your worries. Indeed I fully understand about what you feel. About the fear of past about broken family.

When I flashback, and see behind. I was surprised about what is already happen in last months. Everything went so fast. We know each other, getting close and married. Something that even I cannot remember exactly about its flow. It's just happening seems like someone or something mighty has prepared all the plan and guide us to follow the plan with so smooth.

I always remember about your big question at the time before my visit to your parent house. "If I were taken from you, how hard you will take me back again?" I was so confused to give good answer while want to be honest. The answer will be same as that time, I will do anything to take you back. And until this micro or nano second of my life, I never think anyone rather than you. You are truly my gift and my angel. You are too good to be true.You are the first one who is really match with me. You always understand me and can accept a lot of my deficiencies. While at the opposite I still far from perfect about how to treat you and taking care of you. But I promise, (without need to pledge while I raise my hand following your words) want to be a best husband for you and best daddy for our children.

Nobody can determine that what will happen in our life. I just have to handle, my pray and my effort. The pray for our little family to be in harmony and always keep us together forever and the effort of always learn and improve myself to be a better husband, to be a better partner, to be a better leader.

This morning the famous Muslim convert Felix Siaw tweet this "bila istri hanya dicari karena kecantikan | sesalilah satu hari dimana engkau mendamba wanita yang fasih lidahnya dengan Al-Quran". You are pretty, indeed. But I love you not just because you are pretty. But you have so many things that make me feel complete. At least at the most basic way I think we have similar vision about the important of religion in our live. For the other things not always can be described even if it can maybe will need thousand pages or hundred megabytes of love email.

At the end I just want to say, PS: I love you.

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