Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear wifey - Morning Angel

Dear Bunda,

Hubby punya satu permintaan. Bunda jangan pernah berubah ya. Bunda selalu tetap lembut sama hubby ya. Hubby juga akan belajar sebaik mungkin untuk selalu lembut dengan bunda. Boleh deh bunda sekali-sekali suara dewasa, tapi jangan sering-sering. Hubby takut :p.

This morning I just woukd like to say thank you for all of your patient, love and softness. You are trully my complement. I also will always learn about how to make you feel complete. Please always remind me if any of my behaviors that you don't like.

Please stay the same and full love even though we are getting oldet and more mature. Even when our future home have been filled by our children that will following you like ducks anywhere you go inside home. Thank you for being my lover. Thanks for always being my morning angel.

PS: I love you

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