Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dear wifey - Plan A, B, C or D

Dear Bunda,

It is always interesting to have a baby, or more babies. To have descendants is one of the ultimate aim of marriage. Sometime I think, have I prepared well enough to be a father? I supposed to. Sometime I feel scare as well facing uncertain future. Even in this first half of first month of this year I still don't have certainty of where I will be in a couple of months ahead. So sorry to you get married with unsettled man. But I have to never stop to grateful as well. I can have a good life. Eat well, sleep well, pray well. About uncertainty I mention earlier is not a full uncertainty when I do nothing in life. I do something eventhough everytime in small step. I also have some Plan A, B and C or even Plan D as a backup. I just enjoying and being grateful for all I have while at the same time will always to work hard and smart to get every dream that I have.

Not sure where will be in couple of months ahead. Maybe enjoying adventorous trip in Europe while I am finishing my first book about journey (finger cross :p). Or maybe I have some another interesting job in Singapore. Or maybe some wishful day dream to fly to Seattle come true. United States? Or maybe I just decide to be a freelancer and we stay in one peaceful village in East Java while preparing the born of our first baby by the most sweetest way. Or maybe I finally I can get another wishful day dream to get some scholarship come true. Whichever that will happen at the end it gonna be the best decision of God for the best plan of us.

PS: I Love You

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