Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dear Wifey - December Random Thought

Welcome December. This the last the last mont in gregorian calendar. I was little bit laugh when reading some meme that in 30 days we can take a conclusion a 2012 doomsday when in Mayan calendar the world will be end is suspended. So, what is the speciality of this month? There are some. In western culture end of year means many holiday. But for the whom that doesn't prepare that too early, most likely cannot enjoy that holiday. Because in such peak time everything will be gone so mad expensive. Especially travel ticket and hotel.

That's why in my inner me there some wishful thinking to have a descent 1000 cc touring sporty motorbike. Let say Honda VFR. Bike feels like will set us free. The limitation will be only asphalt road. As long as there asphalt in fron of us, we can still ride forward. Even soil or rock road remain, with some carefulness we also still can move forwad. But I prefer asphalt road anyway. I dream to drive my bike accross asian countries. From Singapore, Malaysian highways, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China maybe? Haha really wishful dreaming.

Traveling will always setup our mind free. Although this statement is written by less traveled person, but I believe traveling will always enhance our quality of life. More wise, more sensitive to surounding and more grateful to God for all of his almighty.

Let back to December. In western there will a lot of snow this month. I always want to see a real snow. Until now the only snow that I've ever seen is only inside refrigerator. In my childhood, I even hope can go to Jayawijaya peak. Because in many school book it often mentioned that is the only place in Indonesia which has snow on it. But of course for now it will be easier to go abroad on winter rather than fly to Papua and climb the high peak.

Anyway enough for wishful thinking. When december end it's mean another new year will come. I mention about grageorian calendar in the beginning of this letter. That is the calendar that internationaly used right now. It based on the sun and the counting was started around Christ birth. That's way years after Christ are often mention as AD which stand for Ano Domini. And before gregorian calendar was said as BC, Before Christ. Maybe you will familiar from some history book will mentino some years like 2000 BC, 600.000 BC which mean 2000 years Before Christ and 600.000 years Before Christ consecutively.

Year is only a counter. Which based from it we can make a calculation that will help us to decide. For example, average of human age is 60 years. So by having calendar we can roughly make a decision what to do in life toward that age. But of course we have to remeber as well, average human age is just average which mean some human will be taken so soon before that time.

That's all my random thought for today.

PS: I love you

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