Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dear wifey - Shawshank Story

Dear Bunda,

Yesterday in your special day I miss to email you. In the morning we were discussing in the gtalk. Until evening in hospital my back pain so hard. Let just share something for today as a replacement for yesterday.

Let talk about movie, about The Shashank Redemption. It is considered as the best movie all time by many people. I will not make a poiler in case of you havent see the movie yet. But the general moral that want it to be delivered is about hope. When we have a hope never stop to act for that. Although it might be hard and nee so long time. The philosophy that is really applicable in human life.

In life human often easy to lost hope. Usually after facing a failure or even before make a start yet. When we can got everything without effort usually it will feel sour because lack of sence of fulfilment. For example When we want much money then we can get without any effort will sound great at the beginning. But we will realize that we will feel empty and even become more and more thirsty. One of real example is corruption. Seems like a great deal to be rich. But maybe in factual they will feel empty. Btw the example is little bit too heavy this time.

Let see to another side of the coin. Making a hope with a real effort. According to Maslow, the most important human need is not wealth but it is a selft actualization. This feeling can be gained mostly by achieving something. Ok hopefully this will not get you confused for now. In conclusion never lost hope when dreaking something. But we have to realize that hope might be need high effort and time. At the end all of the proccess will always give satisfaction to most inner part of us.

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