Friday, November 23, 2012

Dear Wifey - Making Wealth

Dear Bunda,

Since a long time a go, I always want to build my own business. I don't like bureaucracy. That's why, I've never imagine to work as public servant Indonesia. I don't like hierarchy. But in opposite side I always love creativity, freedom of work, opportunity to learn many new things and assessments of performance based on merit and task delivery.

Luckily I was "trapped" in software engineering world. The place where creativity and exploration is granted so much. Creativity cannot live with bureaucracy and rigid hierarchy. In many software company even worker can use any dress code. For experienced developer with trusted deliverability even can work from anywhere they want. Apart from the condition a developer that work from employer, software developer have a unique characteristic. Software developer can be full independent if they want.

Quoting from Paul Graham book, wealth is unlimited. Different with entropy theory that is believed by many people, Graham offer different statement. Entropy theory in sort way is everything in this world have consistent amount. In term of wealth then there is consistent amount of wealth in this universe. Wealth cannot destroyed or created. Wealth only transferred. In easy way it means when on person become rich, there will be one rich person that bankrupt. Somehow this theory is intuitive because when we speak about economy, everything in this world will have effect to the other things. But Graham doesn't agree with that theory. He believe that we can create wealth. How? Making something, he said. Btw, Paul Graham is a LISP programmer. LISP is very old but very sophisticated programming language. Beside programmer, Graham also very successful entrepreneur who apply his knowledge into a real well sell product.

In past time people will make a something for iron or wood for creating wealth. They create and sell. They create wealth. In this modern world, most people work as employee. They don't create anything. They transfer their effort and got fix salary as a substitution. But actually there are still many option to create wealth beside work for other people. One of hottest option which is also close to us is creating software. That's why even though most people said process of creating software as software engineering, actually it will more proper to mention as software craftsmanship. Because software is half of engineering but half of art also.

I remember that actually I have sent you an email about this business topic as well. Consider this as the sequel. Speaking about specific idea, actually I still don't have any specific idea about what kind of craftsmanship that will we build to create our wealth hopefully. But at least we can collect some clue what kind of thing that we can create. First it must be relate to internet. Second maybe relate to data processing. Today is information era. We interact with information every time. Even corporation also consider information as an important thing. Let add another criteria later.

For the closing I want to make a statement. Making wealth is creating a product that is needed by people. If not needed yet we have to find a way to make them need it.

That's all my random tought for today.

PS: I love you

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