Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dear wifey - Tea Holic

Dear Bunda,

I don't know exactly since when I like a tea. But must be have been sometime. Tea is the simplest drink we can ever imagine. Basically we just need dried tea leaf, some sugar and boiled water. For other drink, for example coffe, there are some complication in fundamental level when we want to create our own natural coffe. We have to prepare the coffe seed. Burn it in oven and then break it into very small pieces before we can pour some hot water to the glass. If you wander to some home furnished store in kitchen or pub part you can seen unimaginable price of coffe machine that has been developed for coffe freak that cannot live without warm coffe drink in the morning. Anyway I don't like coffe.

Let's back to the tea. Tea is very cheap. Just with quite small amount money we can buy a box of full tea bag. We also have various brand to choose. Sometime I wonder how come almost similar tea leaf turned into various flavour. After get the tea bag just put it inside a cup. Pour a hotwater and some sugar, we can enjoy a great drink. In rural area tea will be gergous prepared with some sweet like fried banana or if you know, gemblong.

Beside hot tea, my main favorite is for sure, ice tea. The preparation process is almost same, except we add some ice cube in last step. This is the cheapest drink I can afford at the time I was in my school in university.

Btw I just remember again, tea also have some different purpose. In village usually they don't have good water for drink. The water just not transparent sometime little bit brown. Most people then use dry tea leaf for the drink to hide this brown water.

When move to singapore and malaysia, when we speak about tea it will have some different meaning. If we order in food court just by saying "tea" we will get tea milk. If we really want only tea, we have to say "plain tea" or most time "tea 0".

Ok there is maybe some of mind sharing about tea.

PS: I love you

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