Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dear wifey - Love Expression

Dear Bunda,

Time moves fast like usual. But don't know why they move faster on weekend :p like you said on facebook. It always feels lovely to see you sleep. And I never stop to feel gratefull to have you as my wife.

Dear wifey, I just want to express that I really love you so much. Most of time it hard to define and measure what is love what is "really" means. I maybe never give you a gift surprise. I've never made beautiful things like you often create for me. Currently most tangble expresssion my love only by this email. But ironically it is also someday written and someday not. But believe me, with all of that defficiencies I always love you, I've never stop to feel so grateful with you. I've never wanted anyone else other than you.

Dear wifey, it has been one year since we get married. It has been some month since the first time you left to Germany. Some weeks since the second time you went back to Germany again. But in very short time Insya Allah we will meet again. Hopefully I can learn how to express my love more to you. Spent many sweet time together. Derping around Singapore, eating nice foods, wathing movies in cinema or wathing on the bed from laptop. Discussing and take an action for business idea ;). Writing together and reading together. Jogging and swimming. We can add any more things on the list. :) I cannot wait also to build a plan for our journey for the next mid year. That's gonna be a great journey. Hopefully we can plan properly together and have everything goes smooth.

Dear wifey, sleep tight sweet dream. I will call you when the dawn come in Ilmenau.

Wait for me in Frankfurt several months from now.

PS: I love you

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