Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dear wifey - Trance Story

Dear Bunda,

For this last one year actually most of time I just listen state of trance episodes from Armin van Buuren. What the mean of episode in here is every week armin will remix and compile several latest trance tracks from various DJ (including himself) into 90 minutes show. Every episode play usually more than 20 tracks. Woth so that much amount it difficult to remember which one is good track and which is just ordinary and which that I dont like. Oh ya, trance music also divided by vocal trance and just trance. Vocal trance means there will be a singer. Other than vocal trance whole remix will consist only electronic instrument plus sometime conventional instrument as well.

I haven't read about Armin so much. But compare with other star from for example rock music, Armin live style could be considered clean. No drugs no free sex life (I consider this because he has married with one daughter 1 year old that he mention often in his show). Even after succesful hit by often selected as a best DJ, he one time decided to finish his abandoned law degree in university. And really finish.

I actually doesn't mean to show a form of fanatism. But I can see a stromg consistency that is shown by Armin with releasing a new episodes everyweek. While for myself even sometime a hole happen whem releasing email to you.

Trance different with other genre many trance lover said trance music has soul. So in following years ahead whem we drive our own together maybe most time trance music will be played from car audio. But don't worry, trance is different with conventional electronic music who just noissy. Trance have melodies.

But now for the first time after sometime I am listening Just Feeling by Maroon 5 several time in a bus.

That's all some short sharing about trance for today.

PS: I love you

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