Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear wifey - Morning

Dear Bunda,

I always love about live in rural area. In the morning everybody are busy. Children goes to school. Labour go to factory. Women go to traditional market. Ojek driver ride here and there picking many passengers. Chicken and duck also busy searching some foods on the street. There are no sophisticated thing like MRT or nice bus. There are some small angkot of course. There are no busy employee playing their smartphone on public transport. Some people will just use a standard handphone here. Only for sms or phone call.

How about morning food? Let's see some chicken porridge stall there. So many people queueing to get a bowl of breakfast. In another cart there is a rice cake vegetable a.k.a lontong sayur. The coconut milk plus rice cake and sometime some chicken plus fried onion at the top and some cracker is awesome choice in the morning. In some warung some student also queueing for another breakfast option. Uduk rice. This is a rice that is cooked with some extra coconut milk. Usually served with some sweet noodle, fried snack like bakwan, peanut sauce and cracker. Full of vegetable oil that is actually not too health. But its taste good anyway.

My favorite since childhood is uduk rice. I also sometime enjoy with extra snack, fried banana. When I was in school the lunch menu usually similar. Uduk rice plus fried bakwan. Sometime I think, how I can be smart with such unhealthy food? :) Of course these diets are uncomparable with recommended modern diets like less calory food, not too much vegetable oil, a lot fruits and veg, plus some milk and multivitamin. But for us we just have to satisfy with uduk rice or sometime chicken porridge. If sometime later we will live abroad, the thing that I will miss so much is this morning food and morning activity in Indonesia rural area. Whererever we live, that wil gonna be always sweet as long with you.

PS: I love you

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