Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dear wifey - An Interesting Chatbox

Dear Bunda,

When I stared to your skype chatbox this morning Singapore time, I remembered about something. About few month a go, there was one day when I was also staring to one chatbox. At that time was yahoo messenger chatbox, which I alsmost never use that again for almost one year. I stared to a message from someone who just I'd met. Someone which I am hard to believe that she has been my wife.

That message that day is about asking to meetup for a lunch, because you was nearby my office. But since I was going for Friday praying I didn't aware that message. I just aware when it was too late because you already went back to your office. That day was one of my darkest day that time ;).

It just hard to believe, we have know almost a one and half year. We have been get merried almost for one year. All those things are just feel like yesterday.

Honey I just want to say hopefully our small family will be always life in harmony. I won't change if it head to something not good. I want to be stay the same. As the beginning time we met. The only reason when I want to change is to be a better state. Better husband, better personal, better individual, etc. Other than that I just want to be stay the some. Same love like what it was.

PS: I love you

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