Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear wifey - A Writer

Dear Bunda,

I always like writing since a long time a go. I am easier to express myself through writing. That's why, I've never forced to write something, especially to write love email to you.

I cannot trace exactly when is I started this hoby. Since I was living with patuo in Jakarta from my 2nd grade to 4th grade of elementary school, I've started to love reading and writing. At that time I start to read magazine like bobo, kuncung and tabloid fantasi. I started to love sending some postcard to that magazine. I even sometime sent a letter to my mom in Jonggol. At that time we didn't have phone line. Handphone was still something we never imagine.

I still remember my formal writing that I've ever wrote. A short story. Because I like read Bobo magazine, somehow I like read a short story. On my sixt grade I wrote a short story for my school assignment. My first formal short story. I still remember the title. "Antara Jakarta dan Ottawa". This is the story about two childhood friend who meet again in adult time after so many years separated. They meet in Ottawa, Canada. Even since my 6th grade I had been so obsessed to go abroad. That short story was one of way of me to express that willing.

For that writing hoby, my mom one time give me a very special gift. A typewriter! Again, at that time computer is still not common. With that typewriter I wrote several stories and sometime a poem. I also tried to send some of my writing to magazine. But there was never any of them published yet. Maybe because I still not put my best effort yet. That typewriter accompanied me until about highschool. When the ribbon ink already run out, I usually buy new one to a bookstore. At that time the closest bookstore from my home is either in Gramedia Bogor, Gramedia Bekasi or Karisma in Lippo Cikarang. So sometime I dedicated to come to one of that place just to buy new ink ribbon for my typewriter. In emmergency, actually we can do some work around by pouring liquid ink to the ribbom. But this method is work only for temporary. The ribbon of my type writer was also special. It have two colors. Red and black. So we can type with red or black color. There are so many stories with this type writer. Maybe I will share again sometime later.

Like I always make a bullshit to you, I always one to publish my own writing either novel or a reliable technical book. Hopefully I can turn this bullshit to not bullshit anymore. I know you must be saying about nike shoes. :)

That's all for now.

PS: I love u

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