Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear wifey - Unproven Tips to Recover Mood

Dear Bunda,

This recent days I am in the full mood. I enjoy coding in office. I am happy coding "bebas" in home as well. Even not done yet I have make a progress for one of several my "to have done" motivation letters. In spare time I was so enthusiast reang books that I lend from library, books that I have, kindle or so many books in my lovely-but-note-so-lovely-as-you galaxy note. But I understand that mood always swinging up and down. Utilize properly when it is on top. And handle properly when it is down. Several things that I can suggest are playing imagination, refreshing and writing.

Playing imagination mean set your expected output and imagine detailly how it is. By having clear view about your output of target we can have some extra power to rerise our mood. Yes of course this theory is easier to talk but not so that easy to do. But I have do it. I always imagine how I feel, where I am, what I can accomplish when get some scholarship. Sometime this work well to boost my mood to write the application.

Refreshing is the act of to get refrehment. Refresh is clearing somethimlng stuck. The method is by doing something different than what wr usually did. Most common example is traveling. Hopefully your visit to Austria this weekend can give a full refreshment for you. Other example of refreshing could be watch movie, shoping :) and sport!!.

The third method is writing. Writing is thinking. Brain have so powerful capability in process so many thought in our head in very short time. Because of so many things that happen in our mind not all of those things can be process properly hit instead many things are just lost because not getting attention. Writing is the act how we can compose that so many random thoughts in our head to more structural way. From this definition we can see that random writing is good method for brainstorming. But beside that, writing also can make us more understand to ourself and oftenly can help to get rid a boring feeling and bad mood.

Anyways those 3 tips just appear instantly in my head while writing this letter. The writer is not responsible for any harms that happen by using this suggestion.

PS: I love you

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