Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dear wifey - H-1

Dear Bunda,

Time flies. It has been more than 1 year since the first time we met. And it almost exactly 1 year we have married. H minus 1. It is like a dream. Although mostly we spent time away from each other since married. I hope and I believe our heart will be always close.

This time 1 year a go I was still in office. Little bit nervous I wathed the clock oftenly. I have to make sure arrive at the airport ontime because considering Jakarta's traffic always never lovely. At the same time I coordinated my parents and sisters, to make sure they arrived at airport ontime as well. Around 5 PM I went out from office. Went downstair through elevator while bringing our memorable red luggage. I stop the taxi from loby and ask the driver to go to airport. At the sametime my mother seems panicked, because dad have problem with his bike when on the way home. The bike tire hit some spike. I just ask mom to calm down and hire taxi instead from Cileungsi. Anyway it was understable to be panic. Friday evening trafic of Jakarta is so so not lovely.

After some hours finaly I arived at aiport. Almost at the same time with mom and dad. And not too long sisters also arrived using damri from campus. We head directly to checkin counter. Feel little relieved because at least we were not late. After checkin and drop baggage in the counter we were heading to inside terminal. The funny thing was after such hurry and a lot of worries for being late, at the end we had to face that the flight delayed for more than 3 hours. So you have to wait alone in Surabaya at that time. After very boring waiting finally we got the plane. Take off and after some hours touchdown in Surabaya. It was almost midnight. Thankfully you already book all our car to Jember. Although I still remember you handover our luggages to wrong driver which you thought was Cipaganti driver.

We spent our time on back seat of the car. Deep think, light talk. And today, it has been exactly one year after that events. Many years still wait us in forward. With a lot challenges and dreams wait to chase. Just with you. Thank you for accepting my proposal. Thank you for accepting for to be my wife.

PS: I love you

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