Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear wifey - Dear Jakarta

Dear Bunda,

My yesterday statement is just kidding. Please don't take it seriously. I didn't write email yesterday because I was little bit lazzy. Hehe. I know you must be in hurry when you were in dusseldorf.

Dear bunda, going home to Indonesia without you are here is weird. There are not much fun and happiness in my mind. I still remember the excitement on Friday evening when I had to go back to Indonesia to meet you, while you was still in Indonesia. I will run so fast to the bus stop. Run again in MRT station. Run again in airport, just to make sure I will arrive as early as I can. But without you here I don't hurry at all. I took Saturday morning flight instead of Friday evening. Just walk normally. No run no fast walk.

The first time I arrived in Indonesia again is boring as usual. There are actually several enhancement in airport services. For example they have dedicated bus shelter for Damri. In that shelter there is a big LCD showing the bus schedule queue. So we can aproximate when our bus will come. At other side, in that shelter there is one special area for F*CKING smoker. I am sorry for my impolite word. But I hate smoker so much. The have to realize that every drop of smoke that is breath by other will make their suffer more in hell I hope. Sorry for being rough.

After wait only for a couple of minutes my bus arrive. I get on the bus. The bus start to move. In parking area of airport I saw something interesting. There is a car stop because have to pick up some people. Behind this car is another car that look impatient. The back start to horn several times and dim the front light indicating he don't want to wait. The girl from the front car who is in hurry pushing maybe her parent or grand parent start to shout. "Sabar!!!".

Sometime I went to a deep tought. Why people can be so impatient. Why people can be so rough? Why people can be so undiscipline? The worst thing from all of it, that people is from my country and even from same religion with me as well.

After the bus entering the main road, some familiar things start to happen. Traffic jam. Worst public transport system. It hard to imagine about how we can growth our children in city like this? Maybe we shall not. Look another city or better place? Not sure as well. Let just plan the best and let our God decide which one is really the best.

To be continued.

PS: I love you

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