Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear wifey - Random Thought

Dear Bunda,

Singapore is always feel nice. Everything is in order. No trafic jam. Less criminal. Much comfort. Actually if later we will rich enough, staying in this country will be a great choice. Because even though if we are boring, we can just do a short flight to visit some exotic travel site in Indonesia. But let see, maybe in few years from now Jakarta will be improved. That's gonna be cool when Jakarta will have their own MRT system. Reliable bus. No beggar no pengamen no pak ogah. Let see.

How is in Ilmenau? There is must be no mall. No MRT also for sure. Maybe there are some snow there. Beautiful castle perhaps? I always wonder europe. I always curious to touch natural ice by my own hand. Hopefully in couple of months from now we can make plenty of saving and secure saving of course for our plan future, for emergency saving as well and to do some adventour with you.

Time is fast but sometime slow, depend of with whom wi spent it. For me most of time, time is slow. Because you are far a way from me. But mathematically we will meet again very soon. For another adventour. For another enermous love. For another share and story. For another laugh and happiness.

I will wait you in couple of months from now. The scenario is slightly changing. But our life movie must be will be a very great movie.

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