Friday, November 16, 2012

Dear wifey - The Train (2)

Dear Chubby,

I forgot whether I have share this story or not. I have tried one time long distance train in Indonesia. Argo Bromo Anggrek. The train was departed from Gambir Jakarta to Gubeng or Pasar Turi (I forgot) in Surabaya. I had traveled on 2007 the first time I visit Surabaya for IMCC event. The great feeling when travel by train is, it is never interupted. On the train there is no intersection. No traffict light. Almost no passer by. Train have main priority. More priority will be granted for executive class train. Because other train have to wait executive to pass. From what I know from Jakarta to east java, most of the line is still single line. That's why all the train have to take part one by one to travel through the line.

The most beauty when ride the train is scenary. From Jakarta the train departed at night. Almost cannot see at all because outside just dark with some random lights. The train keep heading to east. Pass Bekasi, and what I remember somewhere in central Java. It was around dawn time. Since it was an executive train, it is not stop to often. It just stop for a while in very big station only. And no one except passenger can enter the train. No seller, no beggar and no amateur singer.

Start from that are somewhere in central Java the sun has risen little bit. At least I can see something outside the window. I can see the life. People who start their activity. Go to rice field, student goes to school, public servant goes to ofice. Some use bicycle, some just walk, some public angkot seems so crowded, some use old motorbike, some simple car passing suround. The train keep moving. Pass the city, some small village, rice fields, mountain, a lot of nice thing. Most of the passenger just still sleep. It was Ramadhan, I didn't eat anything, just some simple bread for Sahur.

Some few hours later the train arrive. At the first time in Surabaya. All passengers alight from the train. It was so hot.

To Be continued.

PS: I love you

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